to further prove my point.

on saturday night, todd and i decided to pretend we're brave, and we took all three kids to a wedding.  uh...yeah.  my kids are great kids, but they're little.  and they don't totally understand the concept of 'the whisper,' much less silence.  during the recessional, as the wedding party was leaving the auditorium, atticus asked really loudly, 'are they all going potty?'

toward the end of the ceremony, i left to feed finn in the van.  by myself.  awesome.

we then took the kids to the reception, where penelope ran laps around our table and seemed to be bound and determined to get kidnapped.  atticus spent the entire time asking if it was time to eat cake.

then it was time to feed finneas again, so i retreated to the bathroom.  a sweet lady from the family ministry at my church was nice enough to bring me a chair, placing it next to the sink, where i promptly plopped myself and got down to business.  over the course of a few minutes, multiple veteran moms either entered or left, and each one had a story about some weird place she ended up nursing.  the groom's mom said she nursed him in her church's outhouse all through a freezing cold march.  another lady said she had to stand in a crowded bathroom in C.Y. stephens during a concert.  i shared a story about the time i had to nurse atticus on an open (unlidded) toilet in a nasty, tiny airport bathroom.

and in between sharing breastfeeding stories, i became the stall monitor, directing people to the nearest open toilet.  so while never convenient, at least breastfeeding has proven itself helpful to others in some regard.

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The Crislers said...

Derek mentioned he saw you there. We then marveled together at your family's collective braveness. (Is that even a word?)
I remember nursing Adelaide in a public restroom in Boston, perched on a tiny sliver of a window ledge, because I was way too afraid of the lidless toilet seat. That was after changing her on the floor of said bathroom, because apparently the Boston Tourism Commission doesn't believe in changing tables. I don't care if they are an anachronism; I had to burn that receiving blanket after it touched that scary floor.