a very van voorst easter

whut up.

i have officially dubbed this week, 'gratuitous family photo week,' and it just so happens that yesterday was easter, so we'll start there.

we began our morning with a traditional tricycle ride, just like they did in jesus' day.

the kids (meaning penelope) actually smiled for photos for about two and a half seconds.

then things got serious.

then things got grumpy.  (also, todd's parents were able to spend easter with us!)

a photo of just me and todd!! (i think we only got one just-the-two-of-us photo in 2011.)

and here, you can see that the kids were D.O.N.E. with photos.

a close-up of finn at this point.  he had started the morning off with a sweater vest and tie, which got spit up on them, and a pair of jeans, which ended up covered in massive amounts of poop (which shot all the way down his leg, onto his sock, and onto our sweet pastor's wife, who was wearing a white blouse. lovely.)

happy day-after-easter from the van voorst clan.

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lauren said...

So cute!

That's a great picture of you and Todd. and also great pictures of the kiddos, as always.