from the mouths of children and infants you have ordained praise.

one thing i'm loving about atticus right now is his fascination with what's found in scripture.  he has come up to me multiple times waving around a wrapping paper roll and pretending to cut my ear off.  unfortunately, since he's peter, he cannot also be jesus and reattach my ear, and when i ask penelope to do it, she looks at me like, 'uh...your ear is still there.  i have no idea what's going on.'  so then i have to walk around for a while clutching my ear because no one's around to reattach it.  such is life.


then the other day atticus was playing with the broom, but when i asked him if he was going to help me sweep, he answered, 'it's a cross, mom.  jesus is going to die on it.'  oh.  my mistake.  then he said, 'he's going to die for me and my sin.'  which made this mama's heart swell.


one morning a week or two ago, the kids were talking in their beds before i got them up for the day.  before going in, i paused to hear what they were saying, and the following conversation ensued:

A: sissy.  sissy.  get in the tomb.  GET IN THE TOMB, SIS.  (pause)  good.  now you're dead.  now get out of the tomb, GET OUT OF THE TOMB, SIS.  now the tomb is empty!  you risen!



and this week on our way to church, a chris tomlin song came on and after listening to the lyrics for a while, atticus responded, 'i'm going to follow god, mom.  do you want to come?'  to which i obviously said a hearty 'yes.'  then he asked penelope and todd if they wanted to come.  they both agreed they did.  then he shouted, 'let's go!'

it is such an amazing feeling to see big truths settling into little hearts.  my most fervent prayer is that my kids would come to know, love, and trust jesus and that he would entrust them with big things for his kingdom, however small those things may look to the world.

"i have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." - 3 john 1:4

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todd said...

Awesome post. Agreed and agreed.