i confess...

i can't keep it a secret any longer, although it's probably in my best interest to do so: i think ke$ha is awesome.  well, not her person so much as her music.  minus the lyrics.

and what's not to love? i mean, for pete's sake, she has a DOLLAR SIGN IN HER NAME.  i tried the whole 'using symbols for letters' thing in my name once: p@!ge is decidedly not cool.  (and i don't know why it hyperlinked, but i'm okay with it.) how does ke$ha pull it off?!

plus, everytime her music comes on the radio, i feel like i'm in an exclusive nightclub rather than a minivan.  granted, a nightclub that needs its floors mopped and where you'll probably catch hepatitis.  but whatever. unfortunately, our minivan-turned-nightclub is no more, because tiny ears + dirtydirtyhobag lyrics = bad parenting.

so when my kids grow up and ask whether i love them, i will tell them that not only did i live through cystic acne during pregnancy, but i also gave up listening to ke$ha for them.  and that, friends, is deep, deep maternal love.

(but i'm still going to make it rain glitter every so often, just to keep the memories alive.) 


Ben and Amy Dau said...

You need to check out these bumpin tunes... Michael ketterer and har megiddo dance ep.

Danielle said...

When I was younger, we listened to country music frequently. During one of....Shania Twain(?)'s songs, she says, "pour me a cold one and oh by the waaaaay, get off my feet, give me something to eat..." ect ect.

Mom knew the lyric was coming and didn't want to pollute her dear children's ears with such "filth" (highly sheltered), so being the ever-quick-thinker that she is, she loudly sang, "pour me some soup and oh by the waaaay)". We bought it, hook line and sinker. That became the lyric for years and years to come.

So maybe all you need to do is come up with something semi catchy to loudly sing and replace the lyrics of the song! Apparently, it doesn't even have to make sense to work.