the greatest news there is to share!

two months before i turned 18, i became a christian.

two months before i turned 19, i got a job babysitting for a family in town, partly for a little extra money and mostly so i had an excuse to bring a car to college.  in an unexpected twist, since the car i brought was an SUV, i actually paid more in gas to get to and from work than i actually made working.  but i couldn't quit because i fell in love with the family i worked for.

when i started babysitting, the girls were seven and eleven.  i spent a ton of time with them, taking them to school in the mornings and either picking them up in the afternoon, or being at the house by the time the bus dropped them off.  we ate dinner together a few nights a week, and i got to take them to dance classes and be at their recitals.  i got invited to live life with them, to be a part of their family, and i loved it.

last week i got a facebook message from vail, who is now (if i'm doing the math right) eighteen and a senior in high school.  which makes me feel olllllld, so luckily she had some great news for me to keep my mind off of my imminent death-by-old-age:


i'm not kidding, i broke out in goosebumps and started crying and just kept thanking jesus for his goodness.  and that is what it is to be a part of the family of god.  it says in scripture that the angels themselves rejoice everytime a sinner repents and comes to christ, and we get a taste of that when we celebrate along with them.  i get to see the goodness of god that he answered my prayers for her, and that he is continuing to love us and save us, each in individual, unique ways and times.  i get to spend eternity with vail, loving and thanking god for everything he's done for us both.

so for something a little different today, i was hoping that all of you reading this who are also part of the family of god would leave a short, quick comment congratulating vail and praising god for saving her.

(if you don't have a blogger identity to post with, i will be posting a link on my facebook and i'd love it if you'd comment there.)


MamaMae said...

Goosebumps!!! (or Holy Spirit bumps as I like to call them!)--Praising God for your salvation (I recall praying fervently for the Lord to open your eyes to his love) and for Vail's salvation! Happy dances all around!


Lisagrace Alsbury said...

Jesus is the best!
Vail, as a friend of Paige's, I'm SO EXCITED for your new faith in Jesus! May you invest all of your life in him and may He make your joy complete! If you ever need encouragement or love, I know Paige will always want to hear from you-I'm so thankful that you have her in your life too!


todd said...

Vail, I am so happy for you. I want to know the details, the hows, the whens, the wheres, to whos, and the whys behind it all. May you grow in your love and affection toward Jesus and in doing so desire deeply to obey and make much of Him in any and all situations. May you lose your life for His sake so that in Him you may find life that truly is. May you be a disciple and may God use you to declare the glories of His mercy and grace in Christ and in Christ alone! I love you my sister and look forward to seeing you soon (so soon!!) Give Paige a call so that we can arrange it sooner than later.

paige said...

vail, you mentioned in your note that you thought i'd be so proud of you now...i already WAS so proud of you, now i'm just excited for you and so so grateful to god for his work in your life. you have found the only thing that really matters. i love you, my sister!

Amester said...

God chills!! Very cool story, and so awesome to see the harvest after we invest in a person!
Happy for you, my sister, Vail!!

The Crislers said...

Congratulations and Welcome!

The Crislers said...

Congratulations and Welcome!