three's a crowd

i've had a lot of people ask me how the transition has been, going from two kids to three.

i won't lie. sometimes, it's really hard. when one of them needs something, they all need something. all at once. it's hard only getting new-mom amounts of sleep and still having to keep up with two bigger whirlwind kiddos throughout the day. we're not as mobile, and the kids have gotten restless to play outside now that the weather's nicer, but it's just not super do-able with a tiny baby just yet. everything is harder: grocery shopping, garage saling, making dinner. the amount of laundry is indescribable. 80% of the time, at least one of them is crying. 90% of the time, at least one of them is awake (bye bye, mommy rest-time). and as much as i love cuddling finneas, and as speedy as he's getting at eating, i'm still spending around four hours a day nursing. just sitting there. while the older two destroy the house and pillage each other.


in my personal experience (and i know it's different for every family), this time has been a lot easier than the transition last time. part of that is because of the horrible postpartum depression i dealt with after penelope came home, and i'm so blessed to not be dealing with that this time around. but a lot of it is because i feel like i finally am getting my bearings being a mom to newborns. i've found a really comfortable balance of scheduling and flexibility. i'm not so anxious if finneas isn't sleeping during the day, or if he wants to nurse at weird times. i'm more able to handle his 'bored' cries without feeling like i need to drop what i'm doing to entertain him, or getting frustrated with him for wanting to be entertained. my day does not have to revolve around his schedule. i am not having to learn how to split my attention and affection between multiple kids for the first time. and time flies, so even the long days aren't so long, and the long nights are slightly less long.

so my personal but honest assessment has been that this time around has been generally easy peasy as far as newborn weeks go. (i realize that's like saying someone was in a good car wreck, as far as car wrecks go. but still.)

so consider this my little encouragement to all you overwhelmed mamas out there to go get yourself knocked up and see if i'm not right. or just take my word on it. whatever works.

(i apologize in advance for my sporadic posting this week; my internet has been really spotty for some reason.)

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