oh, so THAT'S what that stands for.

being gluten free (or really, only 98% gluten free, if i'm being honest) is a big old fatty of a bummer.  sometimes you just want a cupcake, you know?  and so sometimes when i see those "GF" labels on food, i first feel really excited because it means i can eat it, but then i feel bummed out because i'm about to spend five times what i would on a non-labeled product for food that tastes significantly more like cat litter.

so in order to dupe myself into thinking my intolerance-induced deprivation actually ROCKS, i've decided to start assuming that "GF" stands for ghetto fabulous

rice bread got you down?  grab a loaf of ghetto fabulous rice bread.

tired of the same-old-same-old nut crackers?  try some ghetto fabulous nut crackers.

see? it's really hard to be depressed when you're pretty sure you're eating like snookie.  although, limit yourself to thinking that's the only thing you have in common with her, or you're about to get even more depressed than you were in the first place.

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todd said...

Any advice for the husband of a GF'r? Give me a silver lining acronym. Whatcha got?