punny title of the week: eggstremely gross.

the other day i was at walmart, and what did i spy with my little eye?  prepackaged hardboiled eggs.  and the first thing that came to mind was, no wonder other cultures hate us.  we can't even boil our own eggs.  i hate us, too.

really people?  pre. packaged. hardboiled. eggs?  it takes all of 15 minutes and enough brain cells to boil water to make them ourselves.  and yet we're paying someone else to do it for us, and paying four times more for the convenience.  in fact, we're paying more for conventional pre-boiled eggs than for organic, free range,  these-chickens-are-basically-treated-like-humans fresh eggs. 

which is ridiculous enough, but then on top of it, is it disgusting to anyone else that we're buying vacuum-packed eggs?  sick.

please, please tell me you've never purchased these.

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