buried in an avalanche of love.

this morning i was upstairs changing the sheets and i heard finneas start to cry, so i came downstairs expecting to find that one of them tripped over him or something.  (it happens.)  instead, this is what i found:

this girlie loves her baby brother.  she tries daily to share her most prized possessions with him, including her blankie and special baby doll, and (as of today) her trash truck and etch-a-sketch.

in the thirty seconds it took me to snap these pictures, she continued to work on literally smothering him with love until he was reduced to nothing more than a (very angry) pair of eyes:

baby finn is well loved, which he will know someday if he happens to live through his infancy without being suffocated to death.


todd said...

I am so glad you got this on film. What a funny memory to have. I love you my wife.

Allison said...

Aww so sweet! I love it, but poor Finneas!

Amy said...

I love that you [unashamedly] took the time to take pics before saving your child from Sis! Classic.