video vednesday: tuna. eggs. doritos. cheesecake. tamale. see ya.

you can borrow my cd's.  not one every day.  you can try my kwanzaa cd's.  they're not yours, and you don't have to take any of them.

(still no sign of the tiniest van voorst.  todd's hoping he'll show up today so we can have a leap-day baby.  i'm hoping he'll show up today so i can stop having to act all pregnant and can start roller-derbying, drinking large quantities of margaritas in a piping-hot sauna, smoking cigarillos with my chicas, eating unlimited amounts of sea bass, and preparing for my upcoming full-contact arena football games.  pregnancy has put a wrench in all these hobbies for far too long and i, for one, say ENOUGH.  because what is life without all the bass i can eat?)

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