happy friday.

i'm wondering if a few of you early-bird readers noticed i didn't have this blog set to auto-post this morning.  and i'm wondering if any of you wondered if i'm in labor.  it's probably wishful thinking on my part because a) who monitors what time i blog? and b) i'm still three weeks out and i doubt that's 'close enough' to my due date for anyone to even think about anyway.

except i'm thinking about it.  and thinking about it.  and thinking about it.

holy cow, get this kid out of me.

yes, friends, instead of blogging whenever i have the time and setting it to post in advance, last night i took a bath, read a birth book and went to bed.  then i slept for ten hours, woke up exhausted, rolled my potato sack of a body out of bed, and here we are.  i'm ready for a nap.

anyway, if i spend too long blogging, it will not go anywhere good and you will merely realize that i've kind of become some half-human, half-hyena life form that laughs hysterically one minute then rips you limb from limb to eat you raw the next.  not pretty.  so i'll leave you with this most current and deceptively cheery looking preggo update photo:

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butwehavethistreasure said...

Oh, boy...time is flying. Guess that means I'd better move on this half-done quilt! I think you are going to love it. Looking forward to meeting the newest Van Voorst soon!