anyone else feel trapped in their own home?

i've been asked several times over the last week or so if i'm able to get out much with the kids.  not exactly sure how to explain myself, i give a simple 'no' and leave it at that.  but inside i'm really saying, are you kidding me?!?!

when we just had atticus and we lived in town, i'd take frequent trips (near-daily, i'd say) in the early afternoon to distract him from that grumpy period between morning and afternoon naps.  we'd hang out at lowe's or hobby lobby or the library, or take a walk, or whatever.  i actually really liked getting out.  i had a friend who had her second baby shortly thereafter, and i remember thinking, is it really so much harder to get two out of the house than it is one?  two coats instead of one.  no big deal.  right?


now that i have two (nearly three, which will make this so much more accurate, i'm sure) i almost never leave my house.  even to play outside or take a walk.  getting them dressed and ready to go? impossible.  leaving the house without having to turn around to take someone potty or change a poopy diaper? glorious to imagine.  getting to where we're going and not feeling completely stressed out over keeping track of, and refereeing fights between, and keeping fed and well-behaved and quiet and occupied two hurricanes children?  unheard of.  the promise of just getting them buckled into their carseats without having an aneurism? naive to entertain.

i'm sure it helps (or hurts, depending on if you think i'm turning into a recluse) that i'm a homebody to begin with.  i really like being at home and going other places kind of wears me out.

plus, like i said, i have two kids.  which means i'm rarely wearing clothes that aren't pajama's and/or my husband's.  my hair is NEVER brushed.  and at this point in time, i shoot for a shower every two to three days.  even just hearing the doorbell ring incites panic that someone might see me.  go out into public? yeah right.

so yes. we leave when we have to.  (weekly OB appointments?! are you kidding?  especially considering those are the ones where they prefer to do internal exams? no thanks.  i'll show up and MAYBE remember my urine sample - and pray it didn't spill in my purse, but even if it did, it's not like everything else i own isn't covered in someone's urine - but no way are we doing internal exams with my kids in the room.  they (and i) don't need to deal with the trauma of them being given a close-up, eye-level shot of their original point of entry.)  and there seem to always be random doctor/eye doctor/dentist appointments that come up.  and then there's wednesday, where we run all our errands before eating out and then going to children's church.  whew.  so we definitely get out...but not more than i absolutely am forced to.

am i the only one who was completely blindsided by the lack of mobility and spontaneity that stay-at-home momming affords?

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MamaMae said...

you seriously crack me up. love reading your posts. enjoy your creator, your husband, your babies, your family, your friends and your home---if that's all you do---you have accomplished GREAT things! love you!!