goals for 2012.

i have finally - this week - polished up my goals for 2012.  are they so set-in-stone that i'm prepared to print off my list, laminate it, and then enter into some kind of obscure contractual agreement regarding it?  um hardly.  but it's done-ish, which is all i can mentally handle right now, so we'll call it done.

the thing with me and goals is that i'm a pragmatist.  i don't set goals for myself like 'be a better cook' or 'get awesome at being adventurous.'  the thinker in me immediately says, how that crap will i measure that to see if i'm actually succeeding?  how will i keep myself accountable? and at the end of the year, how will i know if i actually pulled it off?  because what the heck is the point of working to achieve something that you later can only assume you've accomplished?  I NEED CONCRETE EVIDENCE OF WINNING.  it's easier to rub in other people's faces when there's the possibility for some kind of trophy.

i also tried to be diligent this year in not being too lengthy or ambitious in my goal-setting.  i would love to say i'm going to read my bible every day.  but i know myself and my life and it's just not going to happen.  which means i'll end up scrapping the resolution entirely after about a week, which doesn't end up doing me any good.  so instead, i tried to pick goals that would challenge me but not be so out-of-reach that i give up before i even start.  (ex: 'run on the treadmill once a month' is more likely to at least be entertained than 'develop the upper body strength of a greek - or even american - gladiator.'  less flashy, yes, but more likely.)

i'd love to set goals about trying new things in the kitchen or making all my soaked-grain breads from scratch.  but hello, realism.  some things can wait until next year or even for years before i'm able to allow them to take principal priority.  right now, i try to feed my kids enough to keep them alive and not so much that we end up either broke or with kids who weigh more than i do.  goal accomplished.  moving on.

and finally, i did set some goals that are just for fun and have nothing to do with serving my husband or keeping my kids from starving to death.  because every new year needs a little sass.  (that motto is copyright of paige van voorst.)

so, without further ado, here we go:


Finish my bible read-through plan.
Read the Bible at least three times per week.
Spend quiet time in prayer at least three times per week.

Complete the husband encouragement challenge at least once.
Pray through ‘the power of a praying wife’ at least twice.

Read to kids daily; check out library books regularly (twice a month).
Pray for kids during personal prayer times.
Pray with kids at least once per day other than at dinner and bedtime.
Read Bible stories to them at least three times per week.
Develop a plan for introducing homeschooling and catechism/scripture memory lessons.
Only have the computer out one morning per week while the kids are awake.

Make and hone a weekly routine that I stick to.
Make the bed at least four times a week.
Focus on craft room/home school long-term organization and planning.
Clear horizontal surfaces (counters, table and floor) before Todd comes home.

Learn how to most effectively store photos off the hard drive.
Design family photo albums and be ready to strike like a cobra when a sweet deal on printing comes up.
Finish learning how to quilt, and finish Penelope’s.
Read 30 books.
• 3 parenting
• 3 wife-ing
• 3 nutrition
• 3 homeschooling

will they all happen? no way.  but they're a good jumping off-point to getting me at least a little closer to the kind of person i hope to be at the end of 2012.
anyone else out there a realist with goals like 'eat easy mac only three times a week or less'?  

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Allison said...

Those are awesome goals! I've started goals on keeping up with the house, like setting a daily/weekly cleaning schedule so I stay on top of the clutter and mess in the house. We are also working on a budget which is a HUGE goal for us to accomplish.

Also, I've given up on putting together photo albums, I've decided to do photo boxes! I'm just not very creative nor do I have the time to put everything in an album. I admire your creativity though! Your craftiness is definitely a gift :)