a few of my favorite things...

...about the kitchen.  (and one of my less-than-favorite things.)

this is, by far, my favorite room in the house.  mostly because it's the most finished room in the house, and i can't stand the chaos and sparseness of about 85% of the rest of this place.  (slow and steady is not my style.) 

okay, so this is our main counter space, which i've decorated with ball jars and a bunch of garage sale finds.  see the tomatoes on the windowsill?  i took this picture in september and am just now getting it up. also, that window only looks out to our lovely stairway wall.  there's a skylight above our stairway, so we do get some daylight through this window still, which is nice.

here's the other side of our kitchen.

here's a random shot of my fresh produce bowl.  who doesn't need a terra cotta bowl from jamaica glazed in questionable and likely not food-safe glaze to hold their fresh fruits and veggies?  also, i bought those bananas at aldi's over two weeks ago, and the coloring in this photo is very yellow-generous.  not sure they'll ever ripen.

on the other side of our kitchen, we have an area that i think was originally set up as a breakfast/eat-in area, but we're using it as a seating area.  since our home isn't open-concept, this is really great for when we have people over - i can be cooking and they can be chilling.  or, on really good days, THEY can be cooking while i chill.  (who even says 'chill' anymore?!)  also, i took that picture of the chairs while crouched under my island.  behind-the-scenes much? 

i love this built-in little nook thingy, but i have had the hardest time arranging it.  the upper two...quadrant...things are still a work in progress a year after moving in.  the wheat grass in the bottom quadrant is dying, which is honestly why i chose to post photos now - i didn't want to have to replant that stuff yet again.  looks great right at first, but it dies off really quickly and in the meantime requires tons of haircuts.

ANNNND...last but not least, my less-than-favorite part of the kitchen.  remember when i complained endlessly about mentioned the hole in my kitchen floor? i'm guessing you haven't been able to find it in these photos and think i'm a big fat liar.  well, joke's on you, cynic.  take another look-see:

looks normal, right?

still kind of normal, but you might be able to see where this is going.

and there it is.  from outside our house, you can see that these windows go way below the floor line, for whatever reason, so our curtains are hanging a good two feet below the kitchen floor.  and you can see through the window where our kitchen floor stops and our basement ceiling begins.  sweet.

one last shot from the driveway to help convince you this thing is real and no-nonsense.  IT WRAPS AROUND TWO SIDES OF OUR SEATING AREA.  no joke, people.  dead. serious.

once, i was outside lighting the grill, and i heard atticus screaming in the kitchen.  i looked up, and penelope was smashed up against the glass with her legs dangling into the basement and her torso stuck in the kitchen. (which tells you the gap between the floor and the window glass is about the width of a daredevil one-year-old.) atticus was (understatedly) quite alarmed and would FLIP. OUT. anytime penelope would venture into the back corner of the kitchen after that.

it was pretty funny.

anyway.  that's our kitchen for you.  huzzah.  

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