if you can't make fun of politics, what can you make fun of?

actually, a lot of things apparently, since i rarely talk about politics on my blog and i also spend a lot of time making fun of stuff on my blog.

politics is (sounds wrong, but i swear the grammar is correct) a touchy thing, you know?  it's a powerful vehicle to talk about and see accomplished a lot of the things that people feel super strongly about.  and while, yes, just like pretty much everything else in life i'm pretty opinionated on the topic, i don't really like to breach the issue much on here.  maybe it makes me a coward or a loser or something.  but probably it makes me a beautiful heroine with sparklingly white teeth.

that being said, though, i came across the following picture the other day and could not resist.  i would like to preface the posting of this photo by saying i actually really like newt and hope he smashes his opponents to tiny bits wins the election.  but that's just me (and hopefully enough other people to make it happen).  okay, disclaimer aside:

this actually convinces me even more that newt should win.  anyone remember the time when dwight maced roy to protect jim?  fearless.  remember the time when dwight interrogated everyone in the office regarding a joint found in the parking lot? dedicated to justice.  remember the time when pam was upset and dwight asked her if she was pms'ing pretty hard? compassionate.  now that's the kind of paper salesman and also president i can get behind.

which is why i'm launching my own newt superpack ads sometime in the near future that adopt the following as their tagline:

"newt schrute '12: dismantling the obamney campaign one logical, well-articulated argument (and also one well-timed spray to the face with mace) at a time."

now THAT'S a winning campaign slogan.  why has no one thought of this before me?


Jessica said...

How about "mace spray to the face"?

I like it. That's golden.

Golden bears.

Allison said...

oh Dwight...he's odd, but you gotta love him!