now THAT'S what i call a good bumper sticker.

i have posted before about how ridiculous i find bumper stickers, because usually they're trying to be persuasive or funny or vaguely sexual... and usually they fail at all three.

HOWEVER.  my mind was changed yesterday as i was driving home from my OB appointment and there was a van with a straight forward, no-nonsense bumper sticker that read, dogs love eggs.

well, who can argue with that?  no one, that's who.  everyone's on board with your point, it's not overtly trying to be funny, and i am pretty sure it's not sexual... so i declare that bumper sticker the winningest bumper sticker i've ever seen.

losingest bumper stickers:

1. anything that has to do with the rapture.  (come on, christians.  let's not, shall we? unless you bumper sticker your hand mill, in which case i would chuckle.)

2. anything that has to do with cowgirl/sex double entendres.

3. campaign paraphernalia from years and years ago... minus extra points if the politician lost that particular year.  (your bumper sticker apparently had no gravitational influence on the opinion of the voting public.  mission: failed.)

4. anything (other than the winningest bumper sticker) that has anything to do with pets.  or eggs, for that matter.

5. anything that declares you're some kind of greenie weenie.  minus extra points if it's on a prius.  just because it's especially superfluous.

anyway.  i just thought i'd use this wonderful tuesday to commend 'dogs love eggs' guy and encourage us all to be a little more like him in our bumper sticker choices.


Allison said...

I don't understand why anyone would put that on a bumper sticker, it's very odd. Dogs might like eggs, but dog owners don't like it when their dogs vomit the eggs they just ate! I know because I've dealt with it.

todd said...

a greenie weenie sticker on a prius is superfluous. nice catch!

The Crislers said...

I'm not usually a big bumper sticker fan, either, but I recently saw one in a high school parking lot on the crappiest car you've ever seen: "Don't be fooled by my car, my treasure is in heaven." Although I also like "Dogs like eggs."