them's fightin' words.

i'm in a fighting mood today, so i figured i would make some blunt and polarizing statements.

1. i strongly maintain that butter, certain sources of saturated fat and cholesterol, and red meat are fantastic for your health.

2.  i vote conservatively and also i think fox news is THE. WORST.

3. i don't trust the medical industry.  or the government.  or the food industry.  or the news media.

4. i am willing to entertain the idea that we never actually landed on the moon.

anyone else with me?


whenjeskasparks said...

I am ALWAYS with you. (even until the end of the age?....anyone?...)

todd said...

You are not Jesus Jeska!

That is silly.

You are a girl and Jesus is a boy!

whenjeskasparks said...

indeed, toddy. indeed. one of our many differences.