why i couldn't tell you what 'niche' this blog fills.

when i get the time, i really love reading blogs.  i've noticed that over the course of january, a lot of bloggers were evaluating and re-evaluating the reasons that they continue to blog and i felt encouraged and inspired and also kind of shallow because i never think of stuff like that.  i

i started this little guy when i was pregnant with atticus and still working...which seems like FOREVER ago.  and i basically just used it to update our four readers on pregnancy- (and later, baby-) related news.  then i went through this stage where i used it to tell people how to save money...which also seems like forever ago.  (anyone else remember frugal friday and that one time i tried to make my own dishwasher detergent? i'm way lame.)  then todd used it to update everyone on how much money he made picking up cans from the side of the road every week.  then he stopped picking up cans and the blog kind of went quiet. 

so all i'm really saying right now is that i don't really ever think about why i blog.  if pressed, i guess i would say that it's so that when i see an eighty-year-old guy in running shorts, i can be all, i bet there's a blog here somewhere.  so i have no direction for where i'm going because i just kind that's it.  and i can't promise frugal friday (or something equally as lame) won't show back up again.  because i just kind of blog about whatever i feel like.  (wouldn't it be AWESOME if i could manage a whole segment on candid photos of old people in shorts?!  i should teach atticus how to spell 'goldmine' so that when i come up with ideas like this he can cheer me on.)

but that's the fun part of all this.  in real life, at church, at home, you make some fergie reference or you tell your husband you want to braid your beard and you get a weird look.  but on the internet, you get more readers, some of whom are all, i know where you're coming from and i want to braid my beard too.  which makes me feel loved and understood and also makes me feel sorry for them because i bet they feel just as misunderstood as i do sometimes.

so that's why i blog.  for readers with beards and no other reason.  and that is more than enough for me.



todd said...

I like reading it because it's fun to discover what parts of your day and our lives together you find quirky enough to tell everyone else about :)

BeckyPerky said...

I love reading them, even when I don't comment. It's a fun way to stay in touch with friends from the past and learn about your days and weeks...