these are a few of my favorite things...

...about the kids at this moment.

penelope rubbing her ear with the corner of her blankie.  she has this blankie she LOVES that is fuzzy with a satin binding.  she always finds the very corner and rubs her ear when she's tired or in need of comfort. 

atticus gently disagreeing by saying, 'i think we do.'  sometimes he uses this to be obstinate, but frequently he's just trying to disagree nicely.  the other day todd asked him what he wanted for lunch, and he responded with 'pineapple.'  not seeing the two pineapples on the counter waiting to be cut, todd was like, 'i don't think we have any pineapple.'  and atticus just looked up at the counter and said, 'i think we do.'  turns out, he was right.

penelope calling all her sparkly shoes her 'party shoes.'  not sure where she picked this up, but she only calls them party shoes.  and requests to change into a different pair of party shoes every 10 minutes.

atticus asking of every pine tree we see growing along the side of the road, 'maybe that's my christmas tree?' he is still having a hard time living without the presence of our christmas tree.  not understanding that todd sawed ours into tiny pieces and carried the pieces out back to disintegrate, atticus must believe our tree just meandered down the street for a change of scenery.

penelope's understanding of colors and letters.  every color is orange or purple.  she can identify her letters, but when she sits down to read a book she just says 'A-B-C, A-B-C, A-B-C,' as though that's the story.

atticus' developing understanding of and concern for my emotions.  he'll ask, 'you really frustrated mom?' and, 'you really happy now mom?'  if i drop something, he'll say, 'are you okay?' and out of the blue he'll say things like, 'how are you doing now, mom?'

penelope's obsession with glasses.  she loves pointing out other people wearing glasses, and will request her glasses in the morning, asserting that 'glasses see better.'

atticus expressing that he wants some toy or book by saying, 'i need that at my home.'

penelope getting tired or overwhelmed and just breaking down to ask for a nap.  i'll ask her if she wants to eat lunch first or color with crayons, but she'll just get her blanket and doll and yell "NAAAAAP!"  girl knows what's good for her.

atticus taking a cue from todd and frequently saying, 'thank you for cooking my food.'

penelope exhibiting classic birth order traits and saying 'i _________, TOO!' to everything.   atticus will say something, and regardless of what it is, she asserts that it's true of her too.  "i'm hungry."  "i hungee TOO!"  "i'm a horse."  "i horsey TOO."  "i tooted."  "i toot TOO."  being a firstborn myself, i'm already bracing myself for the day when he gets fed up with her copycat antics and starts fighting back.

atticus pretending he has a baby in his tummy.  he'll make me put his hand on his belly and then he'll suck in really fast and say, 'see? he kicked you!'

penelope picking up things we've taught only to atticus.   she knows so much of the catechism that we've taught atticus, just because she observes.  what did john the baptist say? WEE-PENT.  who made you? jesus.  how old are you? three.  (that answer's a little less universal.)  the other night we went to a chinese restaurant and i told penelope to say 'nice to meet you' to our kid-loving hostess, thinking she'd simply repeat after me.  instead, she stuck out her hand for a handshake, looked right in the girl's eyes and said, "NYE-A MEEYOO." 

atticus' resistance to being called shy.  he's started asserting that he's not shy, he's brave.  so heaven forbid you call him shy.  the other day at the eye doctor, he asked me what the assistant's name was.  i said i didn't know, but that if he was wondering he should introduce himself and ask her name.  he chose not to, so i asked if he was feeling shy.  he corrected me by saying, "i'm not shy, i'm brave."  then without skipping a beat he said to the assistant, "hi, i'm atticus.  what's your name?"  ...only he covered his eyes with his hand the whole time.

penelope's funny little run.   she runs with her arms extended behind her and her wrists flexed up, like some kind of funny little bird.

atticus consistently staying dry during naptime.  he's down to just one diaper overnight and undies the rest of the time.

penelope's hair being long enough to do stuff with.  sure, it's a water-spout ponytail or a simple clip, but it's something after her being SO BALD for so long.

both kids requesting finneas' song before bed.  we choose a hymn for each of our kids and we sing these to them each night.  lately they've been wanting to hear finneas' hymn, too.  (if you're wondering, atticus' hymn is 'nothing but the blood,' penelope's is 'before the throne,' and finneas' is 'rock of ages.')

penelope demanding a piggy-back ride from todd by yelling, PIGGIES NOW! PIGGIES NOW!

atticus requesting to play with my hair before nap.  i'm not new.  i get that he's just trying to manipulate a little extra time out of me before having to lay down for nap.  but this physical-touch-loving mama is more than happy to let him drive his trucks through 'the dirt' and pretend to buzz my hair off with the toothpaste tube.

the kids are at really fun stages right now.  they're starting to play with each other and talk to each other.  often, i will hear atticus say something and ask him to repeat what he said, and he'll say, 'i'm just talking to sis' or 'i'm just asking sister,' like, you are not invited into this conversation, mom.  he'll even read to her sometimes, and on mornings when the trash truck comes, they'll stand at the window together and he'll put her arm around her and say in his most maternal tones, 'see the trash truck, sis?  see it?' 

love. it.

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