hopefully this will be the last pregnancy update post.

we are now about a week and a half away from my due date.  (twelve days to be precise, but who's counting?)  and i am so. ready.  i find it so funny that god figured out a way to end pregnancy that makes you go, 'sleepless nights with a newborn?  breastfeeding around the clock?  sheer exhaustion?  hemorrhoids that won't quit and a six-week long period?  boobs leaking all over my shirt in public?  GIMME.'  but however god works his wiley ways, they're effective.

and this time around i'm going to try a natural birth.  not sure how it's going to go - some days i'm all, 'yeah! let's do this!  consider birth CONQUERED!'  and other days i'm all, 'what in the world am i thinking?! i can't do this!'  so we'll see.

i've been working like a whirlwind, trying to get stuff ready for finneas to come home.  i've been nesting pretty hard, mopping my basement and cleaning out my microwave and storing up forty meals (yes, forty.  it's seriously compulsive) for postpartum days.  his little clothes are all washed and folded.  his little beds are all made (and i even made him some new flannel sheets for the little antique cradle he'll get to sleep in). 

and yet...he's still not here.  atticus was five whole days late, so my due date may even come and go with no sign of him.  but regardless, the midwives won't allow me to go over two weeks overdue (and i'm WAY freaked out by pitocin, so i'll let him wait it out inside there as long as i can before they force me to force him out)...which means that he will DEFINITELY be here in three and a half weeks or less.  (sidenote: anyone read in the bradley method book about his patient who was THREE MONTHS overdue and then gave birth to a six-and-a-half pound baby?! whut.  pitocin doesn't freak me out enough to endure twelve months of gestating.) 


whenjeskasparks said...

ugh. thank you to last last weekend, that's all i can think about now. PREGGERS FOR A WHOLE YEAR. uh.. yeah. pitocin is scary as hell, but not as scary as the CLAW MARKS INSIDE MY UTERUS. lordddddd. i just imagine there being little tick marks like they have in prison. *shudder*

i can't wait for finn to join the family. and then after he's not so fresh on the block, i'll come visit. BAM. multiple times per kids. try and get on my monthly plan with you like i always intended. i mean seriously. if i can deal with my period for a whole week once a month and all of the chaos and annoyance that ensues, i can definitely drive eight hours once a month and take in all the pleasure that comes with being in your presence.

you're good for my heart.
i like that.
i miss you bunches. and i'll hopefully see you soon. (soon = four months or less.)

...and maybe you'll have to come see me soon... for... a faaaaancy event.... *wink wink, nudge nudge*

paige said...

whhuuuutttt....are you talking about?!?! should you call me?

todd said...

I would be remiss in the course of this conversation NOT to point out that my confirmation word for publishing this comment is seriously "speculative

todd said...

But anywho, Jeska, there is no way you just told Paige that in a comment on her blog, so I am guessing we are not at "for reals" status just yet.

Don't toy with my wife like :)

Jenni and Dan said...

I think you should make a post about the 40 freezer meals you made... you know, some tips or something for how the heck you made 40 meals on top of everything else you do...