now, i'm not necessarily saying we should punch meteorologists in the jugular. per se.

apparently tuesday was supposed to be doomsday. rain, ice all over the road, fluctuating temperatures and constant varied forms of precipitation wreaking havoc all around the midwest.

so, of course, you know me; i freak out. i imagine all these worst-case-scenarios where i go into labor in the middle of the night, my sister not getting here in time to watch the kids, my parents dying in some 'ice road truckers' daredevil attempt to get up here in time for us to go to the hospital. meanwhile, we load up the van - juveniles and all - to make it to the hospital in time, only to be confronted with the crappy roads ourselves, and i have my baby in a van while my whole family watches. then we all die of exposure and no one can even sell our van to help pay for funeral expenses because it smells like afterbirth.


well, i bet you can guess what happened on tuesday. nothing.

oh, i mean it rained. a little. a smattering. and it was kind of cold, i guess. and the wind earned a solid "C." so i guess somebody somewhere (probably in san diego) could categorize it as inclement. but worth a freak-out (and the resulting glimmering hope that at least we'd be immortalized in a lifetime movie)? no.

and i'm struck by how often this has happened this winter. where all the weather people are like, O.M.G. it's time to dig a hole into the very crust of the earth with your own bare hands for shelter because THIS IS IT PEOPLE. and then they're all like, whoops i meant a 30% chance of 'wintry mix.'

and it makes me wonder a) how we have apparently regressed in our ability to predict weather patterns with the advent of related technology, b) how much of this is human error and how much can be blamed on droids, and c) how much meteorologists get paid to suck at their jobs all the time. because i bet it's a lot compared to other jobs you get paid to suck at. like customer service based out of india. or mopping the movie theater floor. or politics in most forms. (eh, i bet you get paid more to suck at politics than you do to suck at meteorology. i'll throw them that bone, at least.)

so anyway. all that being said: if meteorologists are at all responsible for spreading the news about global warming, as i suspect they might be, we can all just laugh that off as a definite 'whoops, their bad' and get on with our lives. because they obviously have no expertise in the general category of 'weather and other temperature-related phenomena.'

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