random thoughts and tidbits about last week.

for the first time in three labors, i lost my mucous plug, which i can direly tell any skeptics out there is grosser than it sounds.

i am oh-for-three in pooping on the medical staff during labor.  which honestly, i'm pretty proud of.  (although, i DID actually hear myself screaming, 'i feel like i'm going to pee on you!! is that okay?!!'  i didn't actually end up peeing on the midwife, so her permission turned out to be unnecessary, but it was reassuring to have it granted.)

i really liked my natural birth experience, and would definitely consider doing it again, but i will not lie and say i thought it was necessarily better than my epidural with atticus. although todd really liked the way it played out this time, since i wasn't all 'sedated,' as he put it.  i could see that. 

i had considered that i might one day do a home birth.  i don't now think that will ever happen - i have to admit that room service, housekeeping and available overnight babysitting of my newborn are hard to pass up.  (although, i would say that the drawback of all the help at the hospital is that it becomes way overly helpful at times and you're all like, 'why are you in my room, representative from the library? and what are you doing here, professional photographer? have they just invited the entire population of ames to visit me and sell me stuff?'  at least if some sales guy or mormon evangelist shows up to your door after a home birth you don't have to answer.  or so i must forever assume.)

apparently finneas swallowed a bunch of amniotic fluid and kept puking it up overnight in the nursery at the hospital.  they said at one point he turned blue and they had to kind of pound on him to get him breathing again.  it made me glad that i didn't know about it at the time - i would have FREAKED. OUT. and then stopped sleeping altogether just to make sure he didn't more reason to love the 24-hour surveillance available at the hospital.

the doctors told us that they suspect finneas was weighed wrong at birth - he was somewhere between 7 lb 9 oz and 8 lb 6 oz... which is kind of a big difference.  and i'm all, it's a digital scale.  if you don't hire illiterates to read it, shouldn't it be pretty fail-proof?  so we will never know for sure just how much kid i pushed out this time around.

the end.

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