get dee gaytah, jekkob. shootum. shootum.

when we moved to our house nearly a year ago, we decided not to pay for cable to save money and brain cells.  on top of it, we have no idea if it's possible to hook up our converter box thing, which means we don't even have channels like PBS and the CW.  (i know what you're thinking, but it is indeed possible to live without One Tree Hill or whatever vampire-sorority show has now replaced it.)

i went into the transition knowing it was well worth it, but also that it wouldn't be easy.  i would clearly miss watching the duggars and daydreaming myself into each episode.  i also anticipated really missing american pickers, anything on HGTV (except 'bang for your buck' and 'house hunters international' - stinkers one and all), and nonstop reruns of scrubs.  i even anticipated missing random shows about aliens on the history channel and also 'antiques roadshow,' not because i ever really watched the latter, but because i liked to know i had the option if i ever felt so inclined due to the receipt of a high-value heirloom or the advent of my 70th birthday.

what i did not anticipate missing nearly as much as i do? SWAMP PEOPLE.

if you have never had the pleasure, swamp people is a reality show about guys in the louisiana bayous who hunt gators for a living. yeah - it's as awesome as it sounds.  one guy wears bibbies with no shirt under them, and a stars and bars doo-rag.  a pair of brothers hunt turtles for dinner.  another guy bathes in bleach.  how can you go wrong with a show like that?!  admittedly, at first, i really hated the show and would make todd turn the channel.  something about lifeless gator bodies remind me of babies.  (as do whole roasting chickens, but that's a story for another day.)  so it sickened me a little.

but once i squelched that inconvenient maternal reaction, swamp people became the best thing that ever happened to my tuesday night.  now that we don't have cable, i'm left with a tuesday-night-gators-and-turtle-eating-shaped hole in my heart.

then a couple of weeks ago, discussion with my chiropractor took a turn for the bayou, and he was genuinely surprised that i like that show because his wife is vehemently anti-swamp-professions and won't watch it with him.  which makes sense to me because baiting a present-day dinosaur with a raw chicken before risking your life to shoot it in the head seems like a distinctly masculine thing to enjoy. 

so, i have to admit, i felt markedly unfeminine after said discussion, but i also left feeling a sense of hope because, until the good doctor mentioned it, i had forgotten i could probably watch episodes online.  feminine sensibilities clearly aside.

also, it's my birthday today.  huzzah!


CarrieAmelia said...

um... I suppose I am quite unfeminine as well... and I got my friend hooked on it... and I have been anxiously awaiting for the next season to be available on netflix... also, Troy is my favorite. and my sister-in-law's grandparents have met Troy and they said he is JUST like on the show... and that makes me happy because that means its real.

The Crislers said...

Happy Birthday! I've only seen maybe five minutes of Swamp People, so can't really weigh in, but the mere mention of Antiques Roadshow is enough to make me say, "Squee!"

Alyssa Neiers said...

I've never watched Swamp People but I have been known to get sucked into shows like Gold Rush. And I may or may not have watched a marathon of Long Island Medium yesterday. TLC is a time suck.
Anyways, Happy Birthday!

Eric Crawford said...

If you like swamp people watch the first two episodes of Duck Dynasty on Funniest show I have every seen.