if you're annoyed by people who spell it 'grey' rather than 'gray,' be prepared to be really annoyed.

i looked in the mirror the other morning and came face-to-face with my dreaded nemesis: the grey hair.  and not just one, but a little chunk of them right in the center where my widow's peak would be if i were christina ricci.  but i'm obviously not christina ricci, as indicated by my grey hairs and my lack of millions of dollars and also the fact that i've never been best friends with casper.

at first, i was in disbelief, so i called todd in to check them.  he reassured me he saw nothing, but after he left and i began examining my head again, it became clear that they weren't just light in color or catching the sunlight strangely or some of those weird hairs we all get (i assume) that just don't have any color to them for some unexplained reason.  no, these were very curly, very coarse and very grey.

i have been waiting for this for a while, but i must say i was shocked to just...wake up...and suddenly have grey hair.  apart from shocked, i was a little bitter that i had to be dealing with this now, what with a newborn in the house and also a three-year-old with the voms and also a postpartum body that won't quit.  apart from bitter, i was all, yeah that sounds about right that i'd get grey hair now.

i will say that there is a silver lining in all this:  within the month, the post-pregnancy hormones will set in (or, the during-pregnancy hormones will set out; i don't know the science behind it all) and all my hair will fall out.  so instead of ever seeing my grey hairs, you will get the opportunity to see a lot more of my forehead and scalp than you ever wanted to see.

sweet timing.

note: yesterday's video embedding code was a stinker.  i hopefully fixed the problem, so go here if you want to see the awesomest church diva of all time.  (the first time i watched it i was drinking a glass of water and did that classic 50's sitcom 'spray it everywhere when you laugh' thing.  no lie.)


Lisagrace Alsbury said...

ha. "silver lining."

since my hair has been so short, it's way easier for my pesky grey hairs to stick straight up for the world to see. i feel your frustration.

todd said...

LG beat me to the silver lining jab. I can't believe you did not expound on it when you wrote it. Well done LG. (great minds, or whatever our minds are, think alike!!!)

YAYA said...

That sounds EXACTLY like my grey hair awakening, EXCEPT I was 23 AND I did not have a newborn nor did I have a 3 year old AND I was driving to school to take my philosophy final AND I saw them in the rearview mirror of my car. BUT, it was morning AND there was a chunk of them right in the front, EXACTLY like yours!