finn hadd fo. we call him that for short.

oh my word. finneas turns two weeks old tomorrow! i know it's only two weeks, and in the grand scheme of eternity (or even just in the grand scheme of 2012), it doesn't really seem all that significant...but still. it feels like a long time that has gone by really quickly. if that makes sense.

to everyone who has been praying for us - THANK YOU SO MUCH. i can really feel that we're being covered in prayer. everything has gone so smoothly, especially considering how worried i was. finneas started out knowing which end was up (and by that i mean he knows that dark = sleepytime), and i haven't had even the tiniest bit of baby blues, much less full-blown depressive stuff. please keep praying for that if you have been, since postpartum depression can wait a while before setting in, but so far i'm feeling really good about how things are going.

todd took the last two weeks off, and my mom is here this week, so i've had lots of time to rest, recover, and get to know the newest van voorst, whom i like to call 'baked potato' or 'poops pants.' or finneas. since that's his name. here are some things i've come to appreciate about him over the last two weeks:

..this child can EAT. and eat. and then eat. his biceps are starting to resemble eric booker's.

..his favorite activities include peeing al fresco and pooping in very fresh diapers. give him a brand new pair of pampers and thirty seconds and watch (and listen to) the magic unfold.

..he has already developed character bits for his future in improv comedy. let's see, there's The Dead Guy, Turtleface, The Wet Noodle, Naked and Pissed About It, and Schlumpy McBurps. i have a feeling his knack for truly becoming the character (think: joaquin phoenix, i swear he's that good) will someday fund the implementation of my dream for a fully pimped out retirement condo. (counter-depth mini fridge? comically small patio overlooking a dog park? oh yeah. but all in due time.)

..the sheer strength of will and determination to not succumb to the soothing effects of a pacifier. it's the principle of the matter, and he is nothing if not principled.

so that's finneas in a nutshell. it turns out it's pretty easy to sum up a life if that life is only 13 days long so far.

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