so, looooonnnng story short (but not short enough), i'm still pregnant.  my due date came and went and here we are.  as you can maybe guess, i'm downright thrilled.

surprisingly less grouchy than i'd expect to be taking this picture.

i have to tell you, i'm getting antsy to get this kid out.  i know that the day we bring him home, i'm going to be all, 'what was i thinking they're so much quieter when they're inside,' but right now i'm singularly focused on the one goal of not being pregnant anymore.  so i'm compiling a list of things i've heard help toward that end.

- spicy foods

- castor oil (yikes)

- foot massages

- sex

- weird chiropractic/acupressure stuff around your ankles (this is what sent me into labor with penelope)

- chinese food (probably for the same reason as castor oil)

- red raspberry tea and other herbally stuff

- running up and down the stairs/jumping on a trampoline, etc.

- acupressure on your hand

- sitting on a birth ball

- eating fresh pineapple

- having your membranes stripped (a little more interventionist, but this is how i finally got stuff going with atticus...five days after my due date.  hopefully i won't have to wait that long this time around.)

PEOPLE.  ANY MORE SUGGESTIONS?! i am about to get really serious about exercising my parental authority and kicking this kid out on my time.  my house, my rules.  so any nuggets of advice you can pass my way would be much appreciated! 


Allison said...

I have some red raspberry tea and primrose oil left from when Josiah was born if you want any. I'm sure it's still good. Chiro is what did it for me, and lots of bending and lifting of little kids. Try giving Atticus and Penelope some piggy back rides!!! They'll love it!

Farmgirl Chaos said...

As I was playing with kids in the crawlers room at church yesterday {2nd service}, I saw you and your fam walk in. My first thought....'Oh no! I wasn't suppose to see her this weekend!'
I hope the little guy arrives soon.

Jessica said...

I have no advice to help you get Finneas here sooner. However, I did have a dream last night that I was having lunch with you and hanging out at your house, in your van, and helping out with Atticus and Penelope.

I think that might mean I read your blog too much since I felt completely at home - and I don't think I've ever met either of your children and I know I haven't been to your house or in your van.