a birthday party!

atticus has been obsessed with birthday parties lately.  i suspect it's because he thinks we need more thomas the tank engine toys.  whatever the case, he's been talking about them a lot lately.  so i thought it would be fun for them to bring cupcakes to the hospital to celebrate finneas' birthday - you know, make this whole thing less foreign and awkward and generally traumatic.

my mom baked the cupcakes with them and brought them along the last morning we were there.  i think it was perfect timing because it seemed the kids were starting to get a little worn out from the break from our routine life, and it kind of gave them a fun thing to do to keep their minds off of killing each other and destroying the hospital a la john bonham.  (apparently according to todd, who is consistently more accurate and also better looking than wikipedia so i haven't bothered to corroborate this factoid, he - john bonham, not todd - once even left a dead octopus in a hotel room.  and i'm all, 'what?')

anyway.  all this took place the second time the kids visited the hospital, meaning these are not photos of them first meeting finneas; for me to post photos in chronological order would be a) impossible at my current capacity for mental function, and b) inconsistent with the whole course of this entire blog, so maybe someday i'll post pictures of the kids meeting finneas, but not today.  at this point in time as captured forever on 'film,' finneas is old news and cupcakes are the main event.

'i hold it baby!'

ahh, young finneas, you will soon learn that this life is going to be rough for you, full of well intentioned but 'anaconda squeeze'-ing big brothers.

finneas looks thrilled rather cast-off.


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whenjeskasparks said...

bahaha. i love that last one. i tell you what, she's got the cutest face on the planet.

so... lets see.. two visits in the last six months. plus one more baby...
i think the math works out that i should visit this summer. :)