what they never tell you about breastfeeding.

before i start, i would like to say i'm pretty gung-ho about breastfeeding.  it's free.  it's healthy.  it's supported by the medical community and, let's face it, i could use a few points in my direction in that regard considering i don't vaccinate and am in strong support of red meat and butter.  lots of red meat and butter.


i have a bone to pick with the breastfeeding pamphlets.  pretty much any current literature you find on breastfeeding proclaims it to be super convenient for going in public because you don't have to carry around a sterile bottle, or find a source of warm-enough water to mix it with.  and i can grant them that.  but i would like to point out the fact that convenience while in public should not be a selling point for breastfeeding considering that, while it may be hard to find warm water for formula, it's a bit harder to find a public place in which it's appropriate and encouraged to channel your inner aborigini and get all bare-chesty. 

instead, you find yourself, oh, i don't know... huddled in the back of your minivan in the walmart parking lot trying to feed your child while you distract your older two kids with an elmo movie.  hypothetically speaking. convenient? hardly.

also, it is rarely convenient when, upon hearing a child (any child...or adult) cough or sneeze or breathe, your milk lets down and you end up with two half-dollar sized wet spots on the front of your shirt.  'easily remedied by wearing nursing pads,' you argue? considering those are about as absorbent as a page out of the latest Better Homes and Gardens, or as bulky and bunchy-looking as stuffing a tube sock down your shirt, i would like to state again that convenience has nothing to do with the decision to breastfeed.

and lastly, it is far from convenient to be the only person who can feed your baby, or to have to pump in order for someone else to feed them. 

to reiterate, i do not want to come off sounding anti-breastfeeding.  like i said, i'm in strong support of it.  i just think anyone who has breastfed for more than an hour would find that the convenience argument for breastfeeding is downright silly.

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