all the gory details.

okay, so, labor details.  i promise there won't be anything graphic, but if you're someone who can't stomach words like 'dilated' and 'contractions,' maybe quit reading now.  pretend my labor consisted of me smelling a flower and then having a dove place finneas in my arms.

i woke up at 6:15 on tuesday with contractiony-cramps, but they were pretty far apart, not super regular, and not super strong.  so i went downstairs to tell todd i thought 'today might be the day' but that he should head to work and i'd call him as things progressed.  an hour later, as he was pulling into the parking lot at work, i called him again and told him this was definitely 'it,' but that it was slow going and that he could get some stuff done at work before heading home.

todd got home about 11:00, and my mom arrived about an hour later.  since both my previous labors were only eight hours start-to-finish, i figured i wouldn't have much more time to labor at home before needing to leave.

not the case.

my contractions never really got regular, and were still only 15-20 minutes apart after lunch, and sometimes kind of petered out all together.  todd and i went on a walk to speed things up, and contractions were around five minutes apart while we were walking, but slowed down again once we got home.  it was actually kind of nice, though, since my mom and sister were there, and the kids were running around, and all manners of 'normal life' were still happening, i was able to keep my mind off of things in between contractions and 'laboring' was actually relatively easy for a lot of the day.

around 5:30, i was starting to get really discouraged because we were coming up on twelve hours and my contractions were getting much stronger, but not necessarily closer together.  the midwife called to see if i thought i would be coming in yet that night and if it was 'real labor,' because if so, she'd sleep in the on-call room instead of going home.  the longer i was at home, the more i worried that she'd have slept there for no reason.  (maybe a silly thing to think at the time, but i was kind of preoccupied with it and pretty anxious about it.)

around 8:30 i decided i wanted to go to the hospital, even though we had decided to stay at home as long as possible.  my contractions were super intense, though still pretty far apart, and i just wanted to use the whirlpool tub and rest and know i wouldn't have to go anywhere after that.  so we grabbed our things, and on the way to the car, my contractions suddenly sped up and were happening with only a few seconds in between.

i was really worried about the car ride, since we'd have to drive 20 minutes to the hospital and i could only imagine how difficult it would be to have tons of contractions in the car where i couldn't stand upright or have someone push on my back (which was a HUGE help in managing up until that point).  it was a total God-thing though, because i only had two contractions the entire way there.

once we got up to our room (we checked in at exactly 9:00), i stopped at the end of the bed with a major contraction, and after that i could hardly move again.  every time i tried to even get my leg up on the bed, another one would come, and then another, and another. 

the midwife checked me and i was just praying she'd say i was at least dilated to eight (if not, i was pretty sure i'd get an epidural because i couldn't imagine doing this much longer).  she checked and was like, 'uh, you're at like nine and three-quarters.  next time you have a contraction you should push.'  so...i did.  twice.  the first push, my water broke.  the second push, we'd had a baby.  at 9:19.  and not sans SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS things like, 'somebody help me!' and 'i'm never doing this again!' and your basic, 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGG!'

it was insane.  after laboring so slowly all day, it was surreal that he was here and i didn't even have time to haul myself all the way into bed (i had only gotten halfway up into the bed before he was born).  i am so thankful that it played out the way it did, though.  my labor at home was easy-going and there were plenty of good distractions, and the hardest part (pushing) was over in five minutes or less.  i didn't have horrible contractions in the car, and we really did labor at home until the very last minute, but there wasn't any sense of panic in getting to the hospital.

i am SO GRATEFUL that this went so much better than it could have, and even that i imagined it might.  a huge, huge THANK YOU to everyone who prayed for us - we definitely felt it!


MamaMae said...

beautiful!!! loved the story. so glad to hear that it went to smoothly and quickly for you once you were at the hospital. now go rest as much as possible and enjoy your newest arrival :) xoxo--alisha

The Crislers said...

I love labor-birth-war stories, and this one is great! Can't wait to meet the newest VV!