wherein i tell you about my bathtub.

this is a picture of our bathroom, stolen (the photo, not the room) from the MLS listing site when we first became smitten with our house.  not much has changed since we moved in, other than the fact that all the fancies you see here, such as wall art, a bathmat, and towels, have not been replaced.  so it looks pretty bare.

BUT.  i'm not here to discuss my lack of decorating motivation over the last few months, nor am i here to tell you about this inexplicable primal urge i have to wallpaper the top of this room in something really crazy to make up for all the blah i feel in there right now.

nope.  today is the day i'm here to tell you about our tub.  this is the day the lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

i had long dreamed of having a clawfoot tub and i literally developed an arrythmia just looking at those listing photos.  then i saw the little beauty in person.  i think this tub was nearly singlehanded in making me fall for this house.  (although it was aided by pretty much every other feature of the house, minus the kind of creepy damp smell the basement gets when it rains and the fact that our newly remodeled shower is unusable unless we want to cause irreparable water damage in the kitchen and encourage mold spores to exercise squatting rights.)

in fact, this gal will turn 100 years old next year - she's original to the house - but you wouldn't know it.  her clawfooted legs are still just as spritely and trim as they were when she was a teen (i'm guessing.  since i was about 3 generations away from even  being a sparkle in my daddy's eye when this little lady was a teenager).  she's the kind of 100-year-old that you can tell was a total hottie in her heyday because she's STILL a total hottie.  there is not a single wrinkle or sag anywhere to be found on this tub (although i'm fairly confident she's had some work done, mainly in her 'plumbing hardware' and 'leg' areas.  plus, i think she may have had an all-over airbrush effect done at some point recently.  oh well.  can't blame a girl for trying to maintain her youth.)

anyway.  want to know the thing i love best about our tub? the way she cradles your head just so when you're taking a bath.  stupid fiberglass tubs have that rim around them that's too low and pointy-edged and flat, and you get out of the tub with a headache if you lay in there for more than five seconds.  but this baby makes you feel like a masseuse is holding your head up for you, minus actually having to invite a masseuse to bathtime.  call me a buzzkill, but bathing with a hands-on audience sounds considerably less relaxing.  so this tub is win-win.

however, i do have to be honest here and say that there have been a few unforeseen drawbacks of having this ancient tub.  one, she's mouthy.  two, she's way hard to clean - i have no idea how this tub was kept clean in the, oh, 93 years between her birth and the advent of the magic eraser.  you look at this tub wrong and it gets a soap ring.  third, that lovely, skinny, rounded edge that is so perfect for cradling your neck is not so practical during toddler bathtime.  there is nowhere to set shampoo.  there is nowhere for the kids to set their toys.  there is no margin of error between 'in the bath' and 'on the floor' when it comes to water pour-age.

do not get the wrong impression.  barring some midlife crisis, i will never trade this tub in for a younger model.  but i have realized that she is like a lot of old ladies:  all sweet and serene on the surface, inviting you over for cookies and a hearty game of scrabble, but then she says something racist and you're all, i'm pretty sure i still like you but i think i should probably go home now.  but she lures you into staying with a handful of werther's and the opportunity to see photos of her husband liberating a concentration camp and you're all, let's be besties and watch law and order all day.

so, if you're still following along, that's where i'm at with my tub. 

also...really craving a werther's.

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