everything is shiny and brand new!

with this pregnancy, stuff has gone pretty easy.  lots of fatigue and some puking, but nothing like it was with either of my other kids.  it was actually kind of a nice excuse to do nothing but lay on the couch and read gone with the wind.  (maybe i should have spent my time reading something with a little more substance...)

however, 14 weeks was a magical turning point for me.  a crux, if you will.

not only did i ditch the puking and the fatigue (although i still sleep like i'm brain dead), but i gained a HUGE surge of energy.  as in, i have chopped down close to 10 trees in our yard.  literally.  (well, i guess to say 'literally' would mean to admit that i didn't chop them so much as i bow saw-ed them, and to confess that one particularly obese mulberry tree got the chop at the hands of my dear husband.  but the point is, i have the energy to ORDER my husband to cut down said tree.)

(and, yes, if you caught that, i cut down the mulberry tree.  i'm not sorry.  no more ma-ingallsin' it for me.  now i get my berries the old fashioned way - from the store.)

i also decided to paint my living room (although deciding on a color has been more than slightly problematic).  and paint my storm windows.  and direct todd to hang said storm windows.  i also got caught up on laundry, hung some art in my kitchen, cleaned out my cupboards, and pulled out the kids' fall clothes.  dang, i'm like a whirlwind of activity.

i did not vacuum the stairs. even though i probably have had the energy to do it, vacuuming stairs is what they make you do in hell.  oh, also in hell, they tell you that the stairs you have to vacuum will lead to the exit but then there IS NO EXIT and you're all like, whut the crap, and they're all like, get it through your head that this is hell and not a sitcom.  now vacuum the stairs again...and for all eternity.

(todd would also like to insert here that they make you eat mustard while you're vacuuming the stairs.  turns out, people in hell are mean.)

anyway.  back to my stories.

also, i got a haircut.  for the first time since my only-semi-successful freauty school cut.  which means i've been rocking the homecut for the last year.  which, if you know me at all, is kind of my M.O.:  i have the greatest intentions of getting my hair cut on a rigid 12-week schedule and then it's all a year and a half later and TLC is wanting me to come on one of their shows about pathetic losers who never cut their hair.  (if there is one thing TLC is awesome at, it's making you feel sick at the human condition.  and also, giving you a glimpse inside the lives of little people.)  but this time, i broke down and actually drove all the way to madrid (through construction, mind you) and shelled out cash for a professional.  i'm nothing if not determined.

anyway.  all i really want to say is that the second trimester of pregnancy is like prozac and caffeine and also lots of street drugs, all rolled into a magical, mystical time.  and i have to say, i quite like it.


The Grout Family said...

I must have missed the announcement! Congrats Paige!

Anonymous said...

Yay for pregger energy!

whenjeskasparks said...

i was gonna add in the mustard part until i read it.
i tell people all the time that's what hell is like.

todd said...

I am coming around, albeit very little, to mustard. I don't mind it on burgers. Mind you, I would never put it on one on purpose. But if someone orders burgers from MckyD's and they come with mustard on them, I will eat one (or two).

So while mustard may or may not be on the Hell's Kitchen table, I would place good, clean, crisp, money on that foot steak I had being there.

'Member that time?