dirty bit.

the other day i was listening to the radio, and the black eyed peas came on.  my first response was, this is really catchy.  my second response was, what the crap are they talking about? are they even speaking english?  my third response was, who cares? this is catchy.

it was at that moment that i realized a very important nugget about the way of things.  there are (at least) two kinds of people in the world:  the mozarts and the will.i.ams.

the mozarts of the world want their work to say something, to convey beauty and truth and fullness and emotion.  the will.i.ams. don't really care about a message (or even real words, for that matter), so long as what they say rhymes and can be mixed on top of a beat that is medically impossible to resist.

and here is the thing i realized about myself in all of this: my blog is basically the 'my humps' of the internet.  no matter how badly i may desperately desire to write deep and meaningful posts, my blog is no 'requiem mass.'  that is best left to ann voskamp.

and i spent a little while kicking myself for the fact that what i have to say is about as profound as 'let's get retarded' without even the fall-back assurance of me at least looking like fergie.  i really kicked myself when i realized that not only am i not the fergie of this analogy, but i am that one vague, long-haired, creepy, gothic-alien Pea whose name no one knows.  waah waah. 

but then i was all like, there is a place on the radio (and in my heart) for the black eyed peas.  sure, no one's going to listen to their latest 'retro-futuristic party' hit (billboard's words, not mine) and be all, this song has inspired me to run for president and love my family more.  but you know what?  sometimes you don't need to run for president.  sometimes what you really need is mindless fun and disasterous lyrics.

so that is what i'm here for.  that is what i was apparently created to do.  and who am i to be ashamed of that?

so bring it on, black eyed peas.  no matter how incoherent, juvenile, or that's-not-even-a-real-language your lyrics become, you will always have a loyalist in me because we're cut from the same cloth.  and in return, i expect you to read my blog, which posts monday-friday around 12:01 a.m. CST on most days.

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todd said...

I am glad you have learned to embrace and release your inner black eyed pea.