the land of make believe

atticus loves pretending. we have all kinds of characters pass through our house on any given day. there are 'the guys,' who are the fingers of one hand that he carries in the other hand. there is 'man,' who talks in a really deep and kind of abrasive voice. there are your typical animal characters (a cat named murph, my mom's cat marley, a dinosaur named dinosaur.) then there's the ever-present 'baby.' don't get me started on how much i dislike baby.

(i'm not saying his names for all his characters are the most original. he seems to have gotten the 'i hate the naming process' gene from me.)

the other day, he was pretending to be 'mama.' he talked in a singsong voice, hovered over penelope, read a book, and ran to the bathroom to 'pook.'

it's apparent that i'm leaving quite the legacy.


apotratz said...

So funny! To this day I still remember when my mom was pregnant with my brothers and was in the bathroom puking, so you are most definitely leaving a legacy!

whenjeskasparks said...

i'm laughing so hard at "pook" but it hurts so bad since i puked my lungs out yesterday due to the flu.


also, i miss marley holy crap!