thwr: in which todd shows off his mouthy side.

as we were getting on a plane with the kids, who really ended up being fantastic the entire flight.

lady on plane: (loudly to neighbor) if i had known kids were going to be on the plane, i would have taken a different flight.

todd:  (just as loudly) yeah, because kids are the WORST.

the lady did not find that amusing, but you know what? we didn't find it amusing that she automatically assumed that kids she didn't even know, who would be sitting 20 rows behind her, were going to ruin her flight.  and that she had the cahones to say that right in front of the kids' parents: she didn't even wait for us to get past her before commenting - she said it while we were standing three feet away.  in my humble opinion, that lady deserved a punch to the jugular. 

so, while i'm glad todd didn't actually start throwing punches and get us kicked off the plane, i am hoping that lady got shamed into at least keeping her mouth shut next time.  parents have enough to deal with while raising toddlers than to have to hear about how 'inconvenient' their kids are to people around them.  plus, who's to say that we don't actually really like and enjoy our kids and hate hearing when other people assume they're horrible to be around?  what's so freaking wrong with VALUING children?

well, not on todd's watch, lady.  open your ugly trap again and your flight will suck at the hands of the furious five (our team name when we're mad).


apotratz said...

How rude! I am totally like Todd and would definitely say something like that too. Sometimes Andrew has to keep me under control. I am a "you mess with my family, you mess with me!" kind of person.

whenjeskasparks said...

FAVORITE POST EVER. oh my gosh. i laughed so hard hearing todds voice in my head. bahahah.