p'nut at seventeen months

i realize i have gotten really bad at remembering to post updates about the kids.  those angelic little faces are, after all, the only reason why i have all this time to sit around and blog in the first place.  did they not exist, i would be a working chump like everybody else.  instead, i get to sit here eating spaghetti bake and blogging during naptime, so the least i can do to thank my kids for this opportunity is acknowledge every once in a while that they exist.

first up: penelope.

she will be 17 months on the thursday, and it's weird to think that she's almost exactly the same age - to the day - that atticus was when we welcomed her into our family.  she still seems so little to me, but now she is about to be come a big sister!  i can't believe it.

she typically wakes up between 7:30 and 8:00 (although i think she'd sleep later if she and atticus didn't share a room), and the first thing she does when she gets downstairs is to grab a book and head to the fridge to whine for her 'ma.' (milk.)  milk in hand, she camps out by the book basket until it's time to eat.  and the kid can eat.  the other morning she ate FIVE EGGS by herself, stole some off my plate, and cried when i told her she couldn't have any more because i didn't want to clean up egg puke.

she's a pickier eater than atticus was and is; she isn't big into crackers, bread, or really carbs in general (with the exception of pancakes and spaghetti); she's tolerant of vegetables when she's in a generous mood; and she'll eat fruit if driven to the brink of starvation.  not a meat eater.  what does she eat without being coerced, then, you ask?  eggs.  cheese.  milk.  yogurt.  i think she's begging by her preferences to move to a homestead...hmm. 

her favorite activity is reading.  i think all kids love reading at this age, but she spends most of the day pulling all the books out of the book basket and looking at them until atticus steals them.  her favorite book is 'ba ba' (brown bear, brown bear), but her favorite author/illustrator is sandra boynton.  what a weird thing to say about a 17-month-old (their favorite author/illustrator is...).  todd even discovered the other day that she has mastered the concept of 'i spy' and can identify all the items in the 'i spy' board book we own.

like her mama, she will read whatever she can get her hands on  - even thomas.

she started talking way earlier than atticus did, and she's capable of saying way more than she typically shows off - her vocabulary includes quite a few words, but her most commonly used words are 'ma' (milk), 'muh' (more), 'duh' (done), and our very favorite 'yah.'  we hear 'yah' about 20 times an hour.  did you notice the rest of the words are food-related? no surprise.

she can also say 'mama,' 'dada,' 'buh buh' (brother), 'puh' (puppy), 'tah' (cat), 'no,' 'bye bye,' 'ball,' 'buh' (book), 'shoes,' 'this,' 'that,' 'baby,' and probably several more that either i can't remember or haven't identified yet as being actual words.  (please tell me i'm not the only mother who recognizes a word as being an actual word months after my kid started saying it.)  it's funny - at this age, atticus could only say 'mama,' 'dada,' 'puppy,' and 'baby.'

she LOVES wearing shoes and will request to change shoes multiple times a day.  she likes putting on headbands and hats and brushing her hair.  she loves carrying around dirty laundry, particularly socks and atticus' underwear, so we have to keep an eye on her around the hamper. (yesterday i found her pushing a baby stroller full of dirty socks around the house.)  she's starting to realize she's capable of refusing to do what i ask her to do, and i can always tell she's being willfully disobedient when she stares at me and blinks her eyes really hard.  she loves giving kisses and hugs, and patting atticus on the back.  she's already more strong-willed than atticus, and we probably see more temper tantrums from her on a weekly basis than from him (anyone who knows atticus will not be surprised by this).

in all, i've found raising a girl to be similar to raising a boy in a lot of regards, but in other ways it's funny to see how innate the differences are.  even though she spends her time playing with cars and trains, watching thomas the tank engine, and waiting for the garbage truck to come, her interests are definitely more feminine than atticus'.  she likes brushing my hair and bringing me my own shoes to put on my feet - i think she's trying to get me to buck up and start developing more feminine interests like hers.  recently i wore my hair down for the first time in a long time, and she just kept staring at me and smiling and playing with it.  atticus would never have done anything like that.  he probably would have just pulled it and gone on his merry way.

though she's more feminine than atticus, she's also more brave, and apparently fascinated by this tarantula.  did NOT get that from me.

and i will end this very long post with her dental report because, as you know if you get our annual christmas newsletter, dental news is a very big deal in our house.  sis currently has four front teeth on top, four front teeth on bottom, all her molars, and is working on teething a few more in between.  (it has been a long two months of nonstop teething, and it doesn't look like it will let up any time soon.)

so that's 17-month-old sis in a really big nutshell.

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