thanks, church guy.

i have this tshirt that i have loved for a long time.  what can i say?  it's boatneck, it's gray, it's long enough, it's fitted but not too tight, it's from the gap, i got it for free.  all things add up to one major WIN.

so, i wore it like every day that i actually got dressed.  which was about once a week, so it was always clean.  another win.

then i ran into this guy from church who was all like, 'my wife has that same shirt and she LOVES it!  yeah! she wears it when she really doesn't care what she looks like and just wants to be comfortable.'

why is it that even the best-intentioned conversations with church guys frequently make you feel like a burlap sack full of crap?

this tshirt is now officially my painting shirt.   


whenjeskasparks said...

was that the shirt i gave you? it was super comfy haha.

paige said...

yeah, it WAS the shirt you gave me. and it IS super comfy. just apparently not appropriate in public? i don't know why.