atticus at 30-something months ("2.5+ years" is equally un-catchy.)

atticus is getting closer and closer to being an official three-year-old.  they tell you that every age is your favorite, and it's so true.  he's like a good cheese - just getting better with age.  also, really stinky.  but that's just the nature of things, i guess.

he LOVES all things vehicular - scooper trucks, trucks 'fixin-a road' (construction), tractors and 'kime-bines,' watching the trash truck 'pickin-uppa trash,' trains, helicopters, airplanes, etc.  he frequently requests to see certain trucks along the road ('mama, wanna see a crane?') and doesn't quite understand that i don't really have control over that.

 we went to 'day out with thomas' when thomas the train came to boone.  needless to say, it was a hit.

he loves watching thomas the train and 'beegee-teels' (veggie tales).  we don't watch a whole lot of tv, but i definitely take advantage of thomas DVDs when i need to fold laundry, and it's nice to have a VCR in the van for longer trips.  if i try to put in sesame street (or something equally old and therefore found on video cassette) he'll tell me, 'no, mom.  wanna watcha coo-cumba.'  (on a positive note, all the veggie tales-watching has made him positively disposed to the idea of vegetables.)

pretending cucumbers from our garden were scooper trucks

he is basically fully potty trained, although i still put him in a diaper overnight.  even though he wakes up dry most mornings, i like the extra insurance :).  he will pee with me in the room, but will not poop with company.  i say that's fair.  if i come back in before he's completely done, he says, 'i still POOPIN' with a wild and desperate look on his face.  his favorite pair of undies are a nasty pair i got for free at a garage sale that have another kid's skid marks in them.  but you can't control who - or what - you love, i guess.

he's starting to get a little bossy.  unfortunately, he gets it from me.  must be an oldest-child thing.  many days i have to redirect more 'sissa, NO!'s than i can count.  it gets a bit tiring.

finally understanding the concept of head-in-the-hole photo ops.

he loves reading, and we've begun being more purposeful in spending longer amounts of time reading, and reading quality books.  i use the sonlight pre-k list for recommendations for good books, and we've been going to the library every couple of weeks before children's church (D6) to get a new stash.

in addition, we've started reading the Jesus Storybook Bible at breakfast, and working on memorizing a few verses from D6 and from My ABC Bible Verses.  we haven't done any official preschool stuff, nor am i good about sitting down and purposefully teaching him letters and numbers.  ABC bible verses are a good way to get me in the habit of at least exposing him to the official names of letters (although, he already knows a lot of them somehow and loves the fareway sign because it's super exciting to see two A's in the same word).

he also has memorized some bible facts:

who made you? god.
how many gods are there?
what is god's name? jesus.
where does jesus live? heaven.
where did jesus go? to the cross.
why did he go to the cross? for our sin.
what did he say on the cross? it is finished.
who was the first man? adam.
what did john the baptist say? repent.
to whom did god give the ten commandments? moses.
who built the ark? noah (only he says, 'noahnoah built-a ark' because there's a song that says that)
to whom did god give the promise? abraham.
who was the brave queen? esther.  (this one is taking a while to stick.)

i love hearing him pray, and he frequently asks us to pray with him.

his favorite song is 'stories' by go fish.  he is A.DOR.A.BLE when he sings it.  i hope i can get it on video at some point.  plus, he has all of these awesome dance moves that he breaks out, including what can best be described as an all-out floor pose.

he hates having a stuffy nose, and has a hard time sleeping when it's stuffed up.  the other day he said, 'i no wanna have a sick nose.'  i feel you, buddy.

getting slowly smothered to death by a constrictor.  fun times.

that's all i can think of for now, although since he's two, there are plenty of things i'm sure i'm leaving out since basically every second of the day is wildly entertaining or absolutely infuriating.  but that's what this season of life is all about, and to be honest, i'm really enjoying it.  the terrible two's haven't been too bad to me.

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apotratz said...

Every child I've known that spends their time at home with their parents (who really take the time to care/discipline them) really aren't that terrible. That's such a blessing! I'm sure there are moments that are infuriating (I have those moments myself) but I'm glad you are enjoying this age! I had a father once tell me that kids under the age of three are just a pain in the rear, and I was very saddened. I look forward to when Josiah is 2-3 years old! You are a great mom to Atticus!