video vednesday: i'm not a math...i'm not real good at math.

in a different vein than usual:

the thing that struck me about this video is how fickle people can be.  at the beginning, the judges, the host, the audience members were openly mocking and disrespectful, and there's this lonely guy on stage who knows he's the butt of some joke he doesn't quite get.

then he sings a song and they're all like, 'you're such a lovely, genuine person.'  well.

people can be douchebags sometimes.  i'm glad this guy was able to do as well as he did.  only because i have a special little place in my heart for getting back at people.

BUT, in a more regenerated vein, it reminded me that god uses foolish things to shame the wise.  which is something i'm always surprised at, but love about his way of doing things. i'm glad god roots for the underdog.  for my own selfish sake.

if you have five minutes, check out this awesome blog:

"The thing that haunts me about my inbox is the sheer volume of people who are aching to know if they're still worthy of love. There are so many people drowning in shame because they're certain they'll lose everything if anyone ever finds out how messed up they are.  It saddens me that there are way too many people who willingly and mistakenly place their worth in the cruel hands of men, when it is God who created them and knows their value."

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whenjeskasparks said...

aw. i have so many good videos for you:
look up "interview with a one year old" by arturotrejo and then also "interview with a two year old". also good by him are "reasons not to have kids" and "reasons not to get married" :D he's pretty hilarious.

here is one you HAVE to check out:

also good by him are: ugly face, fabuloso, mumbles going through the drive through and a bunch others.. haha. he's hilarious.