i forgot to 'member 'member that time.

so i had the very best of intentions to post a 'member that time monday' and keep on keepin' on with my structured every-day-but-weekends blogging schedule.  but you know.  i napped a lot this weekend.  and then i went grocery shopping this morning.  which, when you live out of town and regularly patronize 4+ stores per trip to get the biggest bang for your buck, is basically the stay-at-home-mom equivalent of winning a triathlon and then going on to give birth.  all in two and a half hours.  intense, but with the most amazing runner's high.


while i could have just posted a 'member that time instead of posting this garbage, i figured i'd branch out and SKIP A MONDAY.  look at me, i'm a brand new lady in christ.

my pantry is full, my blog is untended, and i'm feeling pretty good about myself right about now.  but don't worry.  next week, you get to remember that time in second grade when i wrote my first love note...

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