natural born (weed) killer. (or, how i spend my crazy-go-nuts alone time.)

a couple of weeks ago, i took the kids down to my mom's.  i stayed overnight and drove home, sans kids.  considering i left her house on thursday and she didn't deliver them home until sunday, i got friday at home ALL BY MY LONESOME - no kids, no husband, no anyone else. 


i spent a long time planning what i would spend the day doing.  sleeping in for sure, but then painting furniture?  going antiquing? getting my hair cut?

well, i ended up sleeping in until 7:30.  and then laying in bed until 8.  and then eating a hershey bar for breakfast.

so far, so good.

then i decided to get on the major undertaking of weed control on our driveway.  INSAYYYYNE.  i really am a party animal at my core.

see, i'd been putting off weed management for a while, thinking i could just pull weeds by hand a couple times a week and therefore eliminating the need to a) expose my kids to any weird chemicals and b) spend any money.  however, one thing i should mention about our driveway is that it is un-grouted/sanded/mortared brick.  so there are about a million tiny cracks where weeds come up.  one other thing that i should mention is that it is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaally long.  as in, so long that i've never actually seen the end of it, but i hear it takes you all the way to oz.

so 20 cracks per square foot x 4 weeds per crack x 100 million square feet = a lot of weeds.

so i studied up and tried making my own weed killer using boiling water, vinegar and salt.  and about 21 gallons of water, over a gallon of vinegar, many pounds of salt, and a completed total of about 10% of the driveway later, i have a few tips:

1.  don't bother.

actually, i guess i only have one tip.
yes, it killed a good portion of the weeds (only, it took like a week to do so).  except, once they were dead, you still had to pull all the dead plants out by hand, so it didn't really save me any work, and actually created work since dead plants are harder to pull than live ones (they're more brittle).  not only that, but i was hoping that it would at least kill any viable seeds and prevent new weeds from coming up, but no.  i've already got some baby weeds sprouting in the one small area i had gotten completely cleared.

long term, i'm hoping to either grout the whole driveway with that sand-that-turns-to-cementy-sand stuff or to salt the whole thing.  the only problem with salting it is that i can't guarantee the salt won't run off into my bordering plants (and considering the lady who lived here before me had a lime-green thumb, there are a LOT of bordering plants.)  so i may have to just buy some kind of round-up or something. (even though, on principle, i hate the thought of giving my money to monsanto and also i hate the thought of poisoning my children, not necessarily in that order.  but i guess that's the price you pay for a weed-free driveway.)

and let's not even get started on the jungle that was once my backyard.  green thumb lady planted pretty much every bordering inch of our yard with aggressively spreading plants and trees.  which, after years of neglect since she's moved out, have basically turned our yard into some kind of half-acre wildlife refuge.  not. a. fan.  hoping to burn it all down and start from scratch someday.

anyway.  to summarize, that is how i spent my awesome morning alone.  in my pajamas hauling boiling pots of water outside in a heatwave for no fruitful reason.  fun fun.

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Saved by grace said...

Man oh man...that sounds like a fun time:-) I am always trying to do things more naturally but one thing I have learned is that I leave our yard to the pros (well, my husband who gets random ideas and kills our grass off...maybe we would be better off if we paid someone but that ain't happenin').