our new little town

we've been in our new-to-us house for almost three months now.  the settling-in process has gone much more slowly and much more quickly than i expected.  on the one hand, i've only painted one room, haven't hung anything on the walls, and some rooms don't have any furniture in them (and other rooms only have piles of junk and home decor that i haven't dealt with yet.  if you've moved recently, feel free to compare your progress to my lack of progress in order to feel good about yourself).  in that way, we're FAR from being settled. 

in another way, though, things really are starting to feel like home.  i'm not sure either one of the kids remembers the apartment anymore, and we have rules and routines for the new house that seem like second nature - the kids are only allowed up and down the front stairs, not the 'owie stairs' - the really steep ones down to the kitchen;  atticus knows that naptime is for sleeping in the 'green bed' (the pack and play in the basement) and nighttime is for sleeping in the 'white bed' (his crib in their shared room); he knows what i'm talking about when i say 'the toy room' or 'your room' or 'mommy's room'; he knows that the basement family room is where we keep the TV and some special toys; he knows there are more 'owie stairs' up to the attic that he's not allowed to go up, but he remembers the time grandpa tony and grandma jacqi went up there.  he loves playing in the yard with his lawn mower, and he pretends that he got his felt food from our garden.  we all know the house well and feel comfortable here - we feel like it's our house (although, still more 'house' than 'home') - and that makes things feel much more settled.

but we're not just adjusting to a new house.  we're adjusting to a whole new community, and in a lot of ways that's gone really well.  i already know and get along with a lot of the neighbors (including betty, the 88-year-old widow who lives across the street - i LOVE her), and i've even met some other stay-at-home moms at the pool and the park, and they've invited me to start attending MOPS when it starts back up in the fall.  i finally know where dollar general is, and i know where the market is, although i've only been in there once and left super pissed because they charge up the butt. ($3.89 for an avocado?! did you birth that thing yourself? does the pit look like the virgin mother? because otherwise, no avocado is worth four bucks.) 

i am realizing, though, that there are a lot of things that i now find quirky or different about our new town that i probably will get used to later and totally overlook.  so i should probably start documenting (read: blogging about) them before i forget.

so stay tuned; we live in a pretty cute, weird little place.


YAYA said...

Be sure to blog about the "yard art" guy!

apotratz said...

I will be going to MOPS as well! I'm super excited, I'm planning my cleaning schedule around it just so I can go! We do have a pretty weird little town here, and I hear the "yard art" guy is moving so who knows what will happen there. I must say though that our town has one of the best DQ's I've been too, even if they do have long lines.