our garden (or, how to live naturally while still maintaining your hillbilly roots.)

our garden is coming along really nicely!  so far we've eaten green onions, cucumbers, peas, cilantro and basil from our own yard, and soon we'll be snacking on green beans, carrots, mature onions, jalapenos, bell peppers, tomatoes and sweet potatoes!

i don't know if you can see it, because all of these pictures turned out way overexposed, but we have two fenced gardens.  the one on the right is our main garden, and the one on the left basically just has peppers and onions.  the only reason we did it this way was because i had todd till a whole patch, then i decided after it was planted that it wasn't big enough, so he tilled another patch.  i'll be having him till it all into one large garden next year.

the one on the right is about 15' x 20' and the one on the left is probably 15' by 5'.

our cucumbers are taking over! that's just four plants!  the zucchini is in the back in this photo, although it has since been ravaged by horrible idol-worshiping insects.  our peas (to the left of the cucumbers) are somewhat sparse, and we only had four carrots (to the left of the peas) grow in, despite planting them twice.  on the far left are a few bunches of cilantro and a row of onions at the top.  we're growing a LOT of onions.

the late zucchini plant is in the upper left, 8 tomato plants in the center, a row of onions in the bottom right.  our pole beans are growing along the back of the fence behind the tomatoes, and the basil and sweet potatoes are to the right of the the last row of tomatoes.

our pepper and onion patch.  needless to say, we don't get many critters trying to get in this one.

which brings me to my hillbilly method of line drying.  run out of room on the clothesline? hang them on the garden fence...

...and off the side of the deck.

i leave our undies to dry in that basket below so that no peep-eyed neighbor gets his kicks by spying in our yard.  do i honestly think that anyone cares about my hanes six-pack underwear? no, but i'd rather be safe than to look up one day to catch joe peeper eyeballing me from over the fence.


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