big boy bed

while it's only been very recently that i've even started looking for one, i know it's about time for atticus to move to a big boy bed.  even though i know he could have 'moved on up' way before now, i love the convenience of having him in a crib - he stays in bed in the morning until i say it's time to get up.  mama feels like sleeping in thirty minutes this morning? no problem, he just hangs out and plays in his bed.

but i know it's time.  he's been potty trained for quite some time now, but he's still in diapers overnight, and it's mainly because i haven't been able to teach him to get up and get himself to the potty in the middle of the night if need be.  so i'm a little nervous to even try making him go 12 hours without the option of going potty. plus, we've been doing some traveling over the summer, and have a few more trips planned in the next few months, and he's really getting too tall for the pack and play.  poor kid hits both ends of it when sleeping on his back.

not to mention... he's almost three, which (in my mind) will make him more a 'kid' than a 'toddler,' and kids don't need to be sleeping in probably causes some kind of underlying psychological distress or something, i don't know.  all i know is sybil was forced to sleep in a crib until she was nine, and look how that turned out for her.  (discounting the fact that her mother was severely unhinged, so the analogy between atticus and sybil can stop at the crib thing.)

so i've been glancing around at bed options.  i've pretty well vetoed the whole toddler bed thing, because even though our crib is convertible, you have to buy rails and stuff for it that didn't originally come with it, and if you have to purchase something, why not just buy the thing he'll eventually need anyway, right?  (that sentence was also too long for the pack and play and apparently will need its own big kid bed.) 

i had found a couple of awesome antique jenny lind bed frames on craigslist for dirt cheap, but they had already sold by the time i contacted the sellers.  now i've moved on to thinking about bunk beds.  or maybe some kind of bed with a trundle.  or maybe bunk beds with a trundle.  bunkdle beds.  just trying to think of ways to maximize the space.

because, see, this is more than just a decision of a bed.  we have two rooms reserved for kids' use, and right now atticus and penelope are both sharing the room reserved for the nursery.  so with the new bed comes a new room, the one reserved for kids who have 'graduated' up (or, The Dorm, as i like to call it).  so now i'm having to decide on paint colors and room themes and bedding and rugs...which is only a little tedious simply because i have no idea where to start.  there are so many cute kids' room ideas out there!

but i have some parameters:

1. it needs to be unisex, since right now we only have a nursery and The Dorm, separated only by age and not gender.  eventually, we'll change it up to allow for one to accommodate cowboys and one to accommodate OB/GYNs (or whatever girls aspire to be, i don't remember), but for now we're putting all biggies in the room together.

2. i'm not really into matchy-matchy, i like more of an 'accumulated over time at garage sales and out of the dumpster' look.

3. i am adamantly opposed to most stuff with characters of virtually any kind.  buzz lightyear bedding?  lightning mcqueen rug? farrah fawcett poster?  nope, nope, and uh, definitely nope.  (although, if i threw them all in there together, i'd probably get that garage-sale-and-trash-can look.)

4. i have no idea how long it will be before we separate the rooms by gender, so it has to grow with the kids.  i don't want to have to do this every year because i didn't think it through.

anyway, i guess what i'm saying is i need some ideas.  anybody do a kids' room recently or find anything on pinterest they thought was super cute?  also, anyone have any tips on where i can buy a cheap mattress and frame?  any cute ideas for headboards/footboards?  help a lady out.


Saved by grace said...

I love bright colors for kids so Eden's room (or "girls" room) has bright pink bedding with flowers and dots. It goes well with the furniture in there, which was my old bed that I got when I was two. It looks very feminine and that is why I chose to go all girly.

If I were you, keeping the unisex room idea in mind, I would pick out a light colored paint in a yellow, green, or maybe blue (or orange just because I like that color) and just do some classic decorations. Now, I am not sure what classic decorations look like but they sound cool in my head and when I type:-) I also love the idea (and plan on doing this once we move to a bigger house) painting scripture on the walls. And as for bedding, something simple and solid or just stripes will work well when adding more children to the room.

As I am typing this I am realizing I am really no help at all and have no decorating style! Good luck!

Danielle said...

well darn it all, i just ditched my twin bed. dang... wish i had been prophetic about this or visited a palm reader or something.

i'll keep my eyes and ears open for ideas. if it shows up on pinterest, i'll tag you to death.

also, i'm really bad at setting stuff up. i'll say, "oh hey! we should hang out! your kid actually says WORDS now!" and then i'll passively not do anything for a few months. this is probably an excellent example of that.