we have a house!

So, here's some news: there are still a few balls in the air with it all, but we are under contract for a house down in Columbia.  And...we've never set foot in it.  Yeah, it's yet another crazy story.

The house hunt had been somewhat discouraging.  Most houses that stayed on the market long enough for us to see them were kind of... trash.  After that one long, discouraging weekend of looking at a bunch of sad little houses, our realtor sent us photos of a house he was getting ready to list.  It wasn't on the market yet, so the photos were from the last time it had sold.  And, I'll tell you the truth, I cried when I saw them.  Not happy tears.  Sad, blubbering, desperate tears of, "THIS IS ALL OUR MONEY CAN GET DOWN THERE?!  We are doooooomed to live in a miserable state of quasi-existence in a literal hovel."  (I get kind of dramatic about houses.)

So, on the phone with a friend who lives in Australia, I spent our limited international minutes describing this meltdown and the stupid causative house.  Because I'm a jerk like that.  She later went online to look for a pizza place she remembered in Columbia, and an ad for this house came up on her screen.  The new listing for this same house had gone live that day, and she sent the link to me.

Well, apparently, I had a change of heart.  Like, a massive change of heart.  Because now I was really excited about this house and thought we should make an offer, sight-unseen.  (Um, I'm a nutjob.)  The market down there moves really quickly, so when it came on the market on Friday, we knew it would likely be gone by Monday.  But with it being Easter weekend, we weren't able to plan a trip down there to see it right away.  There were seven showings already scheduled for Saturday, the second day it was on the market!  So we put in an offer Saturday morning, though our realtor didn't want to make it official until he could walk through the house while facetiming us so we could 'see' it.  (He's been in real estate since 2007 and has never had someone place an offer on a house sight-unseen.)

We 'saw' that it was pretty much what we expected from the pictures, and made our offer official.  Right after that, another offer rolled in.  The sellers chose to negotiate with us, and we got everything finalized.  There is a contingency on their end that should be resolved this week, so I'm hesitant to say we're 100% locked down with this house, but we're as confident as the situation warrants.

We'll be heading down soon to actually see it in person.  I'm really excited about it - it has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, and is about twice the square footage of our current house!  So much space!  It has a finished basement with a family room, hardwood floors, and a fenced yard, and is in a great neighborhood.  It has a brand-new roof, a new-ish kitchen, and new vinyl windows (one of the things I've been praying for is windows that are easy to clean).  Do I love it yet?  I don't know.  But I do know that I really like it, and I'm excited to make it 'our own.'

So please be praying that all goes well with finalizing the contract and having it inspected.  Please also be praying for the inspection on our current house, which will be happening Saturday.  Annnnnd, if you're not prayed out, also be praying Todd finds a job soon.  Holy cow, so much to juggle, but it's all good stuff.  


todd said...

when you move frba church plant, you don't have anything figured out other than that you are moving. sell house, buy house and find job become the to do list du jour. two out of three ain't bad. now to find the one that pays the bills. please be praying!

Emily Sunderland said...

That's so exciting!! I'm guessing it will be nice to have two bathrooms :)

Amanda Cushman said...

I can't wait to see it! I have no doubt you'll make it your own and it will be so cute!

Alana said...

Need I remind you that it has a rumpus room?! :) I'm overjoyed that it's all fallen into place! God is moving!

Kris Scheppler said...

We bought our Ames house, sight unseen in 1981 !! Before the Internet. We lived in mom sent us Polarid snapshots of the outside that arrived three days after we bought it...#leapoffaith

Jacqueline said...

It sounds like you'll love the place, even though you haven't seen it in person. I would have made an offer as well, because it's much easier, and less expensive, to paint, which you can do yourself, or buy new carpeting than it is to add an extra bathroom or another bedroom.

Jacqueline @ Buyer's Option