i think it's time to tell you how our house sold.

Remember when I asked you to pray that our house would sell without having to list it, and that it would go for full asking price?  Remember how I conceded that it would be a crazy, outrageous prayer, but suggested you pray for it anyway?  I've been alluding to the fact that our house sold in kind of a crazy way, but I haven't detailed it on the blog because I was waiting for all the paperwork to be official.  Not counting my chickens and all that.

But now the paperwork is all in, we are officially under contract, and the appraisal has been completed.  (We haven't heard back from that officially, but I'm feeling good about how it went.)  Our inspection is Saturday, which stresses me out only mildly, because we didn't really have time to have our house 'market ready' by the time it ended up being for sale, so there's still some half-finished projects and quirks hanging around.

Because, here's how it all went down:

On Wednesday, February 17, we decided we would move to Columbia with Candeo's first church plant, Anthem Church.  We started telling people on Thursday, and Friday I posted it on the blog.  On Saturday, we replaced the kitchen counters and I started sealing them, so our house was a PIT - everything was covered in sawdust, and it smelled like sealant, and all the items from our kitchen were piled on the floor in the entryway.  There was a huge pile of construction garbage behind our house.  It was a disaster.

My friend Sarah was out of town that weekend, and didn't hear until Sunday that we had decided to move.  She knew of a couple that was house hunting, and asked if she could let them know our house would be for sale soon.  I said yes, and Sunday night, I received a text from the couple, asking if they could come see the house sometime that week.  They had already found a house they were planning to offer on, but they'd hold off on that until they made sure ours wasn't a contender.

We set up a time for them to walk through Wednesday evening while Todd was at work.  I spent Sunday night and the next few days cleaning like crazy, although it didn't really end up doing much for presentability - basically all I was able to accomplish was some basement organization and getting the sawdust off of everything.  I was incredibly overwhelmed at the amount of work that needed to be done in just a few short days, even after hearing God tell me to cool it - "You are not going to sell this house; I am."  Meaning, any amount of effort I could put in would make no difference in his ability to move this house if he wanted to.  I still stressed about it, but only because I'm a turd who doesn't listen to reason.  Or, apparently, God Himself Speaking To Me In Audible Form.

And God was faithful.  He really did sell our house.  The couple walked through and loved it.  They were really excited, I was really excited, it was all very exciting.  They were able to see past the grime and chaos and sawdust and smell, to the bones of our house - the cute, solid, well-built, reliable, airy bones.

We ended up getting full asking price for our house.  Neither side used a realtor.  It sold in a week (though it took longer than that to finalize all the paperwork, obviously).  And we've made new friends - the couple who is buying the house is so sweet and fun, and I love that they see what I do in this house.  I'm so glad it's not going to end up being a rental, or selling to someone who doesn't appreciate what a gem they've found.

God clearly orchestrated this.  His hand is all over it.  I think he is taking a lot of joy in his flamboyant displays of grace and mercy to us in all of this.  I know I'm taking a lot of joy and comfort in watching him work.  He is our good Father, and he has done this for us.  Thank you for those of you who prayed (and are praying) for us - God's hand is moving in response to your prayers!


todd said...

God is on the move and He's moving us!!!

Shelley Hubbard said...

How wonderful that your house sold. Many people are not so lucky in selling home without the aid of a professional real estate agent. The downside of selling with an agent is that nothing is personal and you were able to make new friends. The fact that you got full asking price only makes this even better.