four-year-old finneas.

As you may have seen on Facebook already, Finneas turned four on Sunday.

He is our tender tough guy.  He has such a soft little heart.  His feelings are hurt easily, and his affections are strong.  He is the first to tell me I look pretty when I put on makeup or wear my hair down.  He gives out hugs and cuddles in abundance.  He desperately wants to be a big kid... until he's reminded that big kids don't suck their fingers, to which he responds, 'I still want to be a little boy for a while.'  He still has a deep and unbreakable attachment to his blankie, which is also four years old, but appears to be going on 100.  

He loves Batman.  He loves the Lego movie.  He loves sleeping naked.  Without fail, he discovers he has to pee as soon as he sits down to any meal.  He loves getting out of bed at night and hiding in the hall until he's caught.  He has the best dance moves.  I'm talking, the absolute best.  He is insanely ticklish.  He loves telling jokes and using silly voices and making funny faces.  

He also cries a lot.  I'm talking, a lot.  It is never quiet when he's around - sometimes when he's in his best moods, he'll come hurtling into the kitchen, screaming at the top of his lungs.  Not for any reason other than the joy he gets from screaming.   Whatever Finneas is feeling, he feels it 110%.  He is the opposite of even-keel.  There is no 'meh' in Finneas - he is always happy!! or maaaaad!! or soooo saaad.  And I love this about him - he's so passionately "Finneas."  His life is never boring, and my life is never boring because of him.

He is happiest when he's part of a pair - when he's one-on-one with me, or Atticus, or Todd, or Penelope, skies are blue and birds are singing.  When he's in a group of three or more (or paired up with Laurelai) the sky is falling and the world's on the precipice of the apocalypse.

Ohh, FinnFinn.  Your name means zealous, and it is apt.  You are so special and frustrating and wonderful and I'll love you until the day I die and then some.


todd said...

Amen. I light up just thinking of our little man. What an amazing creation God has allowed us to have front row seats to enjoy!

the jersk. said...

"or paired up with laurelai" 😂😂😂 I love it.