finneas' fourth birthday party.

A little over a week ago, we had family over to celebrate Finneas' birthday.  My sister helped doll up the place with the decorations Todd picked out.  Finneas wanted the theme to be "Gray Soldiers" (read: knights).

It was so sweet - this year, both the biggest kids wanted to buy Finneas a present with their own money (and Penelope even gave Laurelai fifty cents to get him a gift, too).  Atticus bought him a nerf gun, and Penelope got him a bag of skittles.  They each made cards for him as well.

The cake was grain-free, and wasn't as bad as you might think.  It had espresso ganache, which can divert your attention from pretty much anything you want it to.

And, because it's Finneas, this is how the day ended.  This photo is Finneas in a nutshell.

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todd said...

I love this little man soooooo much! What a blessing to our family.