the weekly 'what's up.'

This week was slower than last week, which was a welcome relief.  We started back up with school, which I was pretty worried about.  But it has gone so smoothly - I think the kids were ready to be back in the routine of things.

A few milestones took place - Finneas turned four years old, and Rocco turned four months old.  I'm so proud of these growing boys!  They had their well-child checks yesterday and are doing well.  Finneas is in the 60th percentile for height, 30th for weight.  Rocco is the 47th percentile for length and 8th for weight.  Long and lean, just like we make 'em.

In house news, our papers are officially drawn up and signed!  Next major hurdle to jump: the appraisal. In preparation, I painted the kitchen.  Nothing fancy, I just used some sample quarts I had on hand.  I don't love it, but I don't need to.  Which is kind of a relief, and kind of a major bummer.  On certain days I struggle with the idea of leaving this adorable house behind - especially with the unfinished state of the kitchen.  The sellers are being awesome and have asked us to leave the kitchen as-is, as they're going to pick tile, backsplash, paint, finishes, etc. that they want and do it all themselves.  This is a major blessing for us.  We have killer buyers.

But I sometimes pout about the fact that I will never get to see our kitchen be 'my' kitchen - see it become what I've been envisioning the entire time we've lived here.  We started demoing it RIGHT as we decided to move, and will never see it done, and I will never get to use my pretty kitchen.  I know I'm being a bawl baby.  This move is definitely bittersweet sometimes.

Anyway, here it is in its current, messy glory:  it's pink!  Y'all know I looooove me some pink.

I had imagined the entire lower half of the room being clad in white subway tile, including into the nook, and the upper half being painted this warm pink.  So there is A LOT more pink than I had planned.  And I had also wanted to mute the Valentine's Day feeling with blue art - I love Picasso's Blue Nude and wanted to put that up.  Although, having to explain to the kids why you can see a lady's butt in the painting has been sidestepped, so that's a win.  ("Very Young Kids, you have to see past her butt to what she's feeling.  Her butt kind of shows her feelings.  Get it?!")  Anyway, the floor would be less "1950's Diner."  The benches would be a different deep neutral.  Just imagine it with me.

BUT I did put up this beautiful, beautiful art, and a picture of Abe Lincoln that was a gift from my sister, so it's kind of working for me.

In less whiny news, we started our supplements for cavity healing/prevention.  The kids are surprisingly nonchalant about the whole thing.  They're not really complaining about the no-grains thing (although, they keep thinking they smell noodles cooking...) and though you can't tell in the photo below, Atticus actually likes his cod liver oil.  The other kids' drops don't taste like anything, so other than Penelope being weirded out by the idea of having them in her milk, no one really seems to have any complaints.  We'll just have to wait until Atticus' next dentist appointment to see if any of this has made a difference.

And lastly, Todd took the day off of work yesterday to take Finneas on a daddy date (check out his instagram for photos), and to go listen to a guest teacher at our college ministry.  He's really getting excited to jump back in to a more active role in college ministry once we get down to Columbia.

All in all, a good, good week!