the weekly 'what's up.'

This week has been a doozy.

The weather was beautiful over the weekend, so the kids got a chance to play outside.  What a difference a week makes in Iowa in March, amiright?  Penelope got to show off the brand new hole between her bottom teeth.  She named the missing teeth, Wiggly Biggly and The Amazing White Guy.  If it didn't sound kind of racist, that would be an amazing band name.

On Sunday night, we had dinner with the couple who is buying our house, and after dinner, we all sat around, going through all the paperwork.  Who has a house sell like this?!  No realtors or attorneys present, just a couple of families enjoying each other's company and also buying/selling a house...  God is crazy, guys.  There are still a few balls in the air with that, so I will give you all the details once it's all finalized.  It's a good story.

They brought over some chocolate pudding, and Laurelai took advantage of the opportunity to look like a smarmy, mustachioed car salesman.

On Monday, my dear friend Kristy and her son came up from central Iowa to visit.  These kinds of visits just do my soul so much good.  I've gotten very few opportunities over this last school year, since homeschool has really picked up and since I'm a hermit, to just sit with a cup of coffee and talk with a friend.  It was great.

On Tuesday, we actually did a little bit of school work, which is a total novelty at this point.  It was the first time in over two weeks that we actually cracked open the books.  Dumb.  But life is what it is right now, and we're going with the flow.

On Tuesday night, Todd and I got home from Connection Group to find this nasty, nasty spider hanging out on our kitchen counter.  The babysitters had found and caught it in the basement, and the kids fell in love with it.  They named it Sick Bite.  Entirely appropriate. 

(This was written by Penelope and says, "On Toosday we fowd a spidr in the basmint.")

On Wednesday, I took the girls to an eye doctor appointment - they're both doing well!  Neither had much of a change in their vision since last time.  While we were gone, it was the boys' turn to unload the dishwasher for me.

On Thursday, I started painting the kitchen.  The buyers haven't asked us to do much so far (or anything, really), but there can't be anything in an unfinished state when the appraiser comes.  So I figured I should cover up the blue paint swatches that have been defacing the walls since Laurelai was born.

Speaking of Laurelai's birth, it was two and a half years ago this week.  She seemed pretty excited about it.

And today, this little booger is four months old.  Where does the time go?

Finneas is also getting older, as evidenced by his newfound love of dressing himself, and also his love of wearing a tie.

And lastly, we're starting a new protocol to try to heal Atticus' cavities.  (They found SIX at his dentist appointment last week!  I was appalled.)  We're currently eating grain-free, we've changed up our brushing routine a bit, and we'll be adding some supplements in as soon as I get them in the mail.  I'll keep you posted.

And that was our crazy week.  How was yours?


The Crislers said...

Monday night Derek asked, "So, did you give Paige an appropriate 'Good-bye' since they're moving and you don't know when you're going to see her again?" I was APPALLED; even with all our Columbia talk the 'good-bye' thing didn't occur to me! So I had a teary, delayed reaction that night, which is probably good, after all, as it may have scared all the children had I broken down in front of them.

todd said...

My week was the same