rocco's modern life: four months.

Rocco is officially four months old!  He just had his Well Child check on Thursday, and he weighs 13 lb, 6 oz. (8th percentile).  He's not super chunky, but he's bigger than most of the rest of the kids have been at this point.  Also, he has no teeth yet, which is not something I expected - both the other boys got their first teeth around the three-month mark.

He likes playing with his fingers, and has started grabbing at his feet.  He is trying to figure out how to reach for things.  He laughs when he's tickled, and loves spending time on his tummy.  He'd spend more time on his tummy if it didn't make him barf all the time - he's a really urpey baby.  He goes through 2-3 outfits a day because of the constant barfing.  (Yes, yes, I could use bibs, but I don't like for him to sleep with them on, and I forget to put them back on after nap.)

He's a great sleeper during the day - I have to wake him up from nearly every nap.  He would easily go 3.5 hours between each feeding if I didn't wake him.  At night it's about that same stretch between feedings, though (usually around four hours for the first stretch, then 2-4 hours after that).  In addition to his nighttime feedings, he wakes up most days between 5:30 and 6:00, so I put him in bed with us at that point and can get him to go back to sleep for an extra hour or two this way.  He has not decided yet if he prefers his pacifier or sucking on his pointer finger, so they're pretty interchangeable at this point.  I'm sure there will come a day when one will win.  There Can Be Only One.

I frequently call him Finneas by accident.  Their eyes are different, but other than that, they look a lot alike.  Todd calls him Mini-as.  His favorite activity is growling.  He sounds like a tiny dinosaur.

He is seriously the happiest baby in the whole world, and we could not love him more!

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todd said...

He is ALWAYS smiling!!!